zone de couverture free mobile en france

zone de couverture free mobile en france

However, unlimited talk does include US and Canadian cell numbers since those two countries do not differentiate cell numbers from home numbers, unlike the rest of the world. For countries or services not included in the plan, refer to the brochure for prices. Activation takes under 24 hours. You can cancel any time in writing regular mail provided you give a day notice so make sure you do it in time to avoid being charged for the following month.

They do not have customer service in English but if your French is good enough in writing, you can manage your account and all options online. I checked and you cannot switch back and forth whenever you want between the 2-euro plan and the euro plan so you will have to stick to the euro plan each month you could technically cancel and start a new plan each time but it would be a hassle and they might find it weird.

So even if your 3 stays were over a month period, euros would still be cheaper than prepaid cards given your need for data. Unless you can do with a lot less than you did the last time you were here. The problem is my aunt doesn't have internet at her house. Another problem is I did try Fon I think it was called and the cost was 15 euro for a month for WiFi but my aunts house was like in a dead zone to be able to use it.

I couldn't top off with another 3GB because the month wasn't over yet. Your aunt does not need to have internet for you to use a free mobile plan. If she lives in Marseilles, I would be surprised if she didn't get 4G or 3G data with free mobile. At least that was the requirement when I signed up 3 years ago. It has been this way since the beginning. Only one person per household can enjoy the discounted price.

Just talked to my aunt and she said no problem using her address and credit card. I've done some research and I'm pretty sure I can cancel. You can also find an automatic "borne" where you can get your sim card immediatly. You need only a french bank card.

But the plan will be linked with the card used. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Free Mobile. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. France forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in France? Speed maps are updated every 15 minutes. Data is displayed for two years. After two years, the oldest data is removed from the maps once a month.

Tests are conducted on users' devices. Geolocation precision depends on the reception quality of the GPS signal at the time of the test. For coverage data, we only retain tests with a maximum geolocation precision of 50 meters.

For download bitrates, this threshold goes up to meters. Are you looking to get hold of network coverage data or nPerf tests bitrate, latency, browsing, video streaming in CSV format to use them however you like? No problem! Contact us for a quote. This tool is mainly intended for mobile operators. It has been integrated into an existing cockpit that already includes internet performance statistics from all operators in a country, as well as access to speed-test results and coverage data.

It's a great tool to track the deployment of new technology, monitor competitors and identify poor signal coverage areas. Download nPerf. Windows Phone. About us.

Last update :. Select a carrier! Please select a carrier using the menu above the map to show data. Take part to the nPerf project, download our app now! How do the nPerf maps work? Where does the data come from?

Une vitrine technologique qui pourrait voir le jour dans un futur proche. Participez aux discussions Recevez des notifications. Se connecter. Connexion via Google, Facebook, Twitter ou Github. Une carte frwe pour identifier les zones blanches de la couverture 4G en France. Objectif : une zone de couverture free mobile en france maximale du territoire en 4G d'ici Zone de couverture free mobile en france endroits de l'Hexagone - les fameuses zones blanches - sont moins bien lotis. Notre charte communautaire. zone de couverture free mobile en france This map represents the coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network. See also: mobile bitrates map and Orange Mobile, Free Mobile, SFR Mobile, Bouygues Mobile mobile networks 0 collected data since No Data in displayed area. Propping up the table came Free, a newish service known for offering cheaper rates, but also for having issues with its network coverage. Vivez l'internet à Très Haut Débit avec la Fibre optique Free. Découvrez aussi Freebox Delta, la première en France à intégrer la FIBRE 10G EPON pour une. Free Mobile vient d'activer ce weekend la modulattion QAM et le Lire également: 5G – Free Mobile commence enfin à tester le réseau en France d'​avantages de monde se connectent sur les antennes dans ta zone (data moi je lis ce que tu y écris): la couverture, c'est bien, le débit, c'est mieux. All of our members' latest network can be seen here. Simply select the country you are visiting and the operators in that country will be listed. Select country or area. Objectif: une couverture maximale du territoire en 4G d'ici global de la couverture en très haut débit mobile en France,; La couverture Indoor couverte par Bouygues, 98% par Orange, 96% par SFR et 89% par Free. Carte des antennes de France métropolitaine et d'outre-mer. .com/​actualites/ ​. -​mobile-zones-blanches-arcep-verifie-orange-bouygues-sfr-free-jouent-jeu. Merci, j'ai bien ri Signaler une erreur dans le texte. Le dernier 12 mois le Bande 28 Mhz est beacoup plus important dans Nouvelle Aquitaine. Couverture 4G. Plus d'articles sur Couverture. J'ai tenu 2 mois avec Free personnellement. Voir tous ses articles. Voir tous ses articles. Impossible de contredire ce fait pur et logique. Couverture 3G. Personnaliser l'interface Clair. Personnalisation de l'interface Clair. C'est vrai! zone de couverture free mobile en france