after effects logo reveal free download day before humanity's first watch star trek first contact movie online for free with alien life after Zefram Cochrane 's historic warp drive flight; the crew realizes the Borg are trying to prevent first contact. Picard in an uncomfortable position. I give it a well-deserved 9 out of While investigating the death of Capt. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Written by Blazer Picard experiences an alternate lifetime, Worf adapts to fatherhood, the Vulcans and the Romulans come close to brokering watch star trek first contact movie online for free and more.">

watch star trek first contact movie online for free

watch star trek first contact movie online for free

As acting captain, Commander Riker has no choice but to fire full force on the Borg starship, despite Capt. Picard being on board. The crew of the Enterprise returns to Earth for shore leave. Still recovering from his experience with the Borg, Picard meets up with his brother.

After an accident aboard the Enterprise leaves one of its children in danger, Data commandeers the ship and charts a course to an unknown destination. On a rescue mission to a Talarian shipwreck, the Enterprise team discovers that one of the alien crew members is a young human.

Crusher's anxiety over losing loved ones is magnified when she becomes trapped in an alternate reality. The crew of the Enterprise enters into orbit around the home planet of their former crewmate, Tasha Yar, where they encounter her sister. When the head of the Klingon high council passes on, Capt. Picard finds himself in the middle of the struggle for the now-vacant position. Riker has to leave his birthday party early to head an away team after a Romulan secret base is found on a planet which was believed uninhabited.

Picard at the negotiation proceedings of a mining dispute. While the Enterprise struggles to contend with a mysterious life-form, Troi inexplicably loses her empathetic powers.

Data tries to comprehend the complex emotions between O'Brien and Keiko, who are about to be married. Picard races against time to find out the facts behind a Cardassian commander's claim that the Federation attacked one of their outposts. While answering a distress call, Capt. Picard finds himself dealing with a person who claims to be the planet's version of the Devil. After passing through a wormhole, the crew uncovers clues that they were unconscious for more than the 30 seconds they were led to believe.

A surgically altered Riker has been on an acculturation mission for months under an alias. But a serious injury threatens to blow his cover. While the Enterprise is in a starbase, La Forge gets a very special visitor: brilliant engineering designer Dr. Leah Brahms. The Enterprise has finally tracked down the missing starship USS Brattain, but Troi senses trouble with the life on board.

La Forge's friend Leijten expresses concern about the whereabouts of their former crewmates. Soon both begin suffering worrisome ailments. When assigned to investigate an unknown probe, Lt. Barclay receives an unexplainable boost of confidence and a vast increase in his knowledge. As Capt. Picard prepares to host a big event for the Federation Archaeology Council, the arrival of an old flame stirs up unexpected drama.

A retired admiral boards the Enterprise to investigate a possible act of sabotage and puts Capt. Picard in an uncomfortable position. Troi's mother visits the Enterprise and becomes infatuated with a man whose culture forces him into a suicidal ritual called the Resolution. Crusher falls for a visiting ambassador, only to discover that he's not quite what she thought.

La Forge is brainwashed by the Romulans and ordered to assassinate a Klingon ambassador. When a female crewmember is infatuated with Data, he decides to give a romantic relationship a try. Both Capt.

Picard and Lt. Worf must decide where their priorities lie as the Klingon Empire descends into civil war. Picard experiences an alternate lifetime, Worf adapts to fatherhood, the Vulcans and the Romulans come close to brokering peace and more. Picard and his crew must stop the Romulans from helping their pawns win it. Picard must learn to communicate with a race who speaks in a language that is not compatible with the universal translator. A new officer, Ensign Ro, is enlisted to track down a band of Bajoran terrorists.

Yet Ro, a Bajoran herself, must first win her crewmates' trust. Riker, Data, Crusher and other crew members are setting up a colony on an Earth-like planet when they're hit by an electrical storm. When the Enterprise's systems are disrupted after hitting a quantum filament, Troi is left in command while Capt. Picard is stuck in the turbolift. Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise on vacation from Starfleet Academy, only to discover the crew is acting mysteriously.

Picard and Data follow Spock into Romulan space on a dangerous mission. Senator Pardek finds Capt. Picard on Romulus and brings him to ambassador Spock, who explains about the chance of a Vulcan-Romulan reunification. Reaching Penthara IV after an asteroid wreaks havoc of catastrophic proportions, the Enterprise crew deals with trying to save the planet.

Worf's mother boards the Enterprise with his son and news that Worf's human parents can no longer care for him. Data rescues a boy, and in a way to repress his own pain, the boy begins to mimic Data's personality. Transporting three Ullian mind-probing historians, the Enterprise crew is stymied when some of its members fall into a coma. The Enterprise is on a mission to warn the human colony on planet Moab IV about a massive stellar fragment that's approaching. When an approaching alien ship wipes their memory, the crew struggles to put back together what happened.

A long-lost ship is found on a planet where cosmic storms prevented detection for years. After an accident that leaves him no longer able to walk, Worf asks Riker to help him commit suicide.

Riker falls for a member of an androgynous race, who lost a couple of their people in an unmapped region of space. The Enterprise gets caught in a time loop which always has one result: total destruction of the ship. Wesley Crusher's team has an accident at Starfleet Academy. Picard offers to help a Starfleet investigation into what happened. As the Enterprise crew prepares for an unexpected wedding, the ship begins experiencing strange breakdowns. The Enterprise is unwittingly used to present a unique gift to an alien race: a beautiful empath whose sole purpose is to please her mate.

A child who recently moved onto the Enterprise begins playing with an imaginary friend, but the new playmate begins affecting the ship's operations. The Enterprise finds a lone Borg drone, separated from the collective, and brings him aboard. When the Enterprise responds to a Romulan ship's distress call, Ensign Ro and La Forge are lost in a transporter malfunction. Picard awakens to find himself in a village where he is a well-known member of the community suffering from a delusion of being a starship captain.

The Enterprise is called upon by scientists to return to Earth when there is evidence that aliens had visited the planet in the late s.

The crew faces numerous quandaries, from another confrontation with the omnipotent alien Q to dealing with inquisitive 19th-century writer Mark Twain.

Picard and the crew follow Data back to the s to get him back, only to find the suspected alien visitors killing people of that time period. Overcoming his fear of the transporter, Lt. Barclay joins an away team, only to have visions of something in the beam with him. When the Enterprise comes to the rescue of an ambassador and his mother, Troi finds herself attracted to him. The Enterprise stumbles upon a Dyson Sphere, with a ship crashed on the outer surface.

Commander Riker and other members of the crew are unable to find rest, putting the Enterprise on the trail of a mystery. When an honor student in the medical field is assigned to the Enterprise as an intern, she begins to demonstrate powers of the Q.

After their shuttle is caught in an energy field, Capt. Picard and three others are beamed back to the ship -- but they rematerialize as children.

While the crew is experiencing some much needed down time, Worf and his son go on an Old West excursion on the holodeck. When La Forge is assigned to survey a new mining development, Dr. Farallon uses her new robot, called an Exocomp, to repair a power grid. Picard is replaced as captain of the Enterprise so he, Worf and Dr. About the movie. The fearless crew of the Enterprise must travel back to 21st-century Earth to prevent the Federation's deadliest enemy - the Borg - from causing more cosmic mischief.

Superbly played and dynamically paced, the eighth big-screen outing in the ongoing mission presents the intergalactic heroes at their Borg-bashing best. Streaming until 30 Sep Kirk resumes command of the overhauled USS Enterprise in order to intercept it. Captain Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr.

Spock's long-lost half-brother who hijacks the Enterprise for an obsessive search for God at the center of the galaxy. Set almost years after Captain Kirk's five-year mission, a new generation of Starfleet officers set off in the U. Enterprise-D on their own mission to go where no one has gone before. Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is seventy-five years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.

In the vicinity of the liberated planet of Bajor, the Federation space station Deep Space Nine guards the opening of a stable wormhole to the far side of the galaxy. In the twenty-fourth century, the crew of the U. Witnessing the loss of the battle, Captain Jean-Luc Picard ignores orders and takes command of the fleet engaging the Borg.

But the Borg plan to travel back into the twenty-first century through a vortex with the intention to stop Earth's first contact with an alien race the Vulcans. Following the Borg sphere, Picard and his crew realize that they have taken over the Enterprise in order to carry out their mission.

Their only chance to do away with the Borg and their seductive Queen is to make sure that Zefram Cochrane makes his famous faster-than-light travel to the stars. Written by Blazer This film was, in my opinion, -by far- the best of the "next generation" outings, and perhaps the finest from the entire collection of silver-screen Treks. The Borg, a futuristic race of half-man, half-machine cyborgs from the other side of the galaxy, try once again to conquer the Federation, by attacking it at it's very core, our beloved Earth.

This time, however, the Borg have a "plan B" up their sleeve. After the destruction of their main vessel, they send a small group of Borg back in time to , a time when Earth is vulnerable after suffering massive casualties due to World War III.

Once there they intend to prevent "first contact", an event that dramatically changes the course of human history, when friendly aliens discover humankind has learned how to travel faster-than-light, and make contact with the inventor of the warp drive, Dr Zefram Cochrane.

Of course the Enterprise crew must once again save humanity from certain destruction, by "following them back and repairing whatever damage they've done". When they reach the 21st century, however, the Borg find resistance is not so futile, and begin to take over the crippled Enterprise, deck by deck.

Directing every move is the evil Borg Queen, played excellently by Alice Krige. Stewart's background in the dramatic arts shines as he convincingly portrays a somewhat troubled and vengeful Picard, determined to destroy the insidious Borg once and for all.

The direction of Jonathan Frakes is flawless considering this film was his first attempt at directing on the big screen. In a few scenes I get the feeling that Frakes was committed to squeezing the absolute best out of Stewart, and this he did, apparently with ease earning him the nickname "Two-Takes Frakes" from production members.

This film has it all. The film would have featured sword fights alongside phasers in 15th-century Europe, while Data became Leonardo da Vinci 's apprentice. Moore was afraid that it risked becoming campy and over-the-top, [21] while Stewart refused to wear tights. With the idea of Star Trek ' s genesis in mind, the central story became Cochrane's warp drive test and humanity's first contact. Drawing on clues from previous Star Trek episodes, Cochrane was placed in midst-century Montana , where humans recover from a devastating world war.

In the first script with this setting, the Borg attack Cochrane's lab, leaving the scientist comatose; Picard assumes Cochrane's place to continue the warp test and restore history. Riker's and Picard's roles were swapped, and the planetside story was shortened and told differently. Braga and Moore focused the new arc on Cochrane himself, making the ideal future of Star Trek come from a flawed man.

The idea of Borg fighting among period costumes coalesced into a "Dixon Hill" holographic novel sequence on the holodeck. The second draft, titled Star Trek: Resurrection , was judged complete enough that the production team used it to plan expenses. Braga and Moore intended the film to be easily accessible to any moviegoer and work as a stand-alone story, yet still satisfy the devoted Star Trek fans.

Since much of Picard's role made a direct reference to his time as a Borg in The Next Generation episodes "The Best of Both Worlds", the opening dream sequence was added to explain what happened to him in the show. He suggested adding an individual Borg villain with whom the characters could interact, which led to the creation of the Borg Queen.

Cast member Frakes was chosen to direct. Frakes had not been the first choice for director; Ridley Scott and John McTiernan reportedly turned down the project. A major concern during the production was security—the script to Generations had been leaked online, and stronger measures were taken to prevent a similar occurrence.

Some script pages were distributed on red paper to foil attempted photocopies or faxes; "We had real trouble reading them," Frakes noted.

First Contact was the first Star Trek film to make significant use of computer-generated starship models, though physical miniatures were still used for the most important vessels.

The script's only guide on the appearance of the vessel was the line "the new Enterprise sleekly comes out of the nebula". Eaves produced 30 to 40 sketches before he found a final design he liked and began making minor changes.

Hull patterns were carved out of wood, then cast and assembled over an aluminum armature. The model's panels were painted in an alternating matte and gloss scheme to add texture. ILM instead cut the windows using a laser. Paramount wanted ships that would look different from a distance, so the director devised multiple hull profiles.

Each design was modeled as a three-dimensional digital wire-frame model for use in the film. The film also required a number of smaller non-Starfleet designs. Eaves made sure to emphasize the mechanical aspect of the ship, to suggest it was a highly experimental and untested technology. The Phoenix ' s cockpit labels came from McDonnell-Douglas space shuttle manuals. Only two major Vulcan ships had been previously seen in Star Trek , including a courier vessel from The Motion Picture.

Since the two-engine ship format had been seen many times, the artists decided to step away from the traditional ship layout, creating a more artistic than functional design.

The ship incorporated elements of a starfish and a crab. Because of budget constraints, the full ship was realized as a computer-generated design. Only a boomerang-shaped landing foot was fabricated for the actors to interact with.

The Enterprise interior sets were mostly new designs. The bridge was designed to be comfortable-looking, with warm colors. New flatscreen computer monitors were used for displays, using less space and giving the bridge a cleaner look.

The new monitors also allowed for video playback that could simulate interaction with the actors. The observation lounge was similar to the design in the Enterprise -D; the set itself was re-used from the television show, the only such set not to be struck following the filming of Generations , though it was expanded and underwent a color change.

Engineering was simulated with a large, three-story set, corridors, a lobby, and the largest warp core in the franchise to date. The spacewalk scene on the Enterprise exterior was one of the most challenging sets to envision and construct for the film.

The production had to design a space suit that looked practical rather than exaggerated. Fans were built into the helmets so that the actors would not get overheated, and neon lights built into the front so that the occupant's faces could be seen. When the actors first put the helmets on, the fully enclosed design made it hard to breathe; after a minute of wearing the suit Stewart became ill, and shooting was discontinued.

The Starfleet uniforms were redesigned for the film by longtime Star Trek costumer Bob Blackman to give a more militaristic feel, with grey padded shoulders and colored undershirts. Since Blackman was also handling the costumes for the television series, non-Starfleet design clothes were delegated to Deborah Everton , [18] a newcomer to Star Trek who was responsible for more than costumes during production.

The bulky suits were made sleeker and outfitted with fiber optic lights. Everton enjoyed designing Woodard's costumes because the character went through many changes during the course of the film, switching from a utilitarian vest and pants in many shots to a glamorous dress during the holodeck scene. I became aware, one day on the set, that whenever a Borg moved up to the coffee table, whoever was there would sort of slowly retreat. So the Borg were not only in pain, but they were kind of ostracised.

Everyone just uncomfortable in their presence. Which was terribly interesting for me, but I did feel heartbroken for my minions. Everton and makeup designers Michael Westmore , Scott Wheeler , and Jake Garber wanted to upgrade the pasty white look the Borg had retained since The Next Generation ' s second season, born out of a need for budget-conscious television design. In the television series, much of the Borg's faces had been covered by helmets, but for First Contact the makeup artist removed the head coverings and designed assimilated versions of familiar Star Trek aliens such as Klingons , Bolians , Romulans , Bajorans , and Cardassians.

Each drone received an electronic eyepiece. The blinking lights in each eye were programmed by Westmore's son to repeat a production member's name in Morse code. So, at the very end [of the film], they're more ferocious. The Borg Queen was a challenge because she had to be unique among Borg but still retain human qualities; Westmore was conscious of avoiding comparisons to films like Alien.

I thought, great; they made this, and they've scared themselves! Principal photography took a more leisurely pace than on The Next Generation because of a less hectic schedule; only four pages of script had to be filmed each day, as opposed to eight on the television series.

Leonetti to the Star Trek franchise; Frakes hired him out of admiration for some of his previous work on films such as Poltergeist and Strange Days.

The cameraman also spent several days at the sets of Voyager and Deep Space Nine to observe filming. Leonetti devised multiple lighting methods for the Enterprise interiors for ship standard operations, "Red alert" status, and emergency power. He reasoned that since the ship was being taken over by a foreign entity, it required more dramatic lighting and framing.

Leonetti preferred shooting with long lenses to provide a more claustrophobic feel, but made sure the length did not flatten the image. Handheld cameras were used for battle sequences so that viewers were brought into the action and the camera could follow the movements of the actors. Since so many new sets had to be created, the production commenced filming with location photography.

Four days were spent in the Titan Missile Museum , south of Tucson, Arizona —the disarmed nuclear missile was fitted with a fiberglass capsule shell to stand in for the Phoenix ' s booster and command module.

To give greater dimension to the rocket and lend the missile a futuristic appearance, Leonetti chose to offset the missile's metallic surface with complementary colors. After the completion of the Phoenix shots, the crew moved to two weeks of nighttime shooting in the Angeles National Forest. Zimmerman created a village of fourteen huts to stand in for Montana; the cast enjoyed the scenes as a chance to escape their uniforms and wear "normal" clothes. To give the scene a black-and-white feel, Leonetti made sure to use light without any coloration.

After location shooting was completed, shooting on the new Engineering set began May 3. The set lasted less than a day in its pristine condition before it was "Borgified". Filming then proceeded to the bridge. These lights were then directed towards the actors' faces at degree angles. The set was lined with window paneling backed by red lights, which would blink intermittently during red-alert status.

These lights were supplemented by what Leonetti called "interactive light"; these were off-stage, red-gelled lights that cast flashing rims on the bridge set and heads of the crew. For the Borg intrusion, the lighting originated solely from instrument panels and red-alert displays. The fill light on these scenes was reduced so that the cast would pass through dark spots on the bridge and interiors out of the limited range of these sources.

Small and watt lights were used to throw localized shafts of light onto the sets. Next came the action sequences and the battle for the Enterprise , a phase the filmmakers dubbed "Borg Hell". Star Trek: First Contact. Let's try to break down where CBS's new Star Trek series fits in with the complex universe we already know.

When the villainous Borg hatches a plan to travel contadt in time in order to disrupt the creation of the United Federation, Captain Picard leads the crew of The Enterprise to watch star trek first contact movie online for free. Once put under mind control by the Borg during their previous encounter, the revenge-driven Picard soon finds his blind rage getting the best of him. Related Clips. watch star trek first contact movie online for free Capt. Picard and his crew follow the Borg back in time to stop them from preventing Earth from initiating first contact with Vulcans. Currently you are able to watch "Star Trek: First Contact" streaming on Popcornflix, IMDb TV for free with ads or buy it as download on Google Play Movies. it starting at $ See where to watch Star Trek: First Contact on reelgood.​com. Available to watch free online (PopcornFlix & IMDb TV). plus minus icon. Watch Star Trek: First Contact online instantly. Stream over movies instantly On Demand. Grab your 7 day free trial of the NOWTV Sky Cinema Pass today. They call themselves the Borg - a half machine collective with a sole purpose, to conquer and assimilate all races. Directors: Jonathan Frakes, Peter Lauritson. Download; Chromecast Ready; Airplay Ready. Watch Star Trek: First Contact Now on Stan. Stream thousands of hit TV shows and movies. Start your free trial. Watch Free on IMDb TV Terry Farrell at an event for Star Trek: First Contact (​) Alice Krige in Star Q: How many movies are in the Star Trek franchise? Star Trek: First Contact. img. 0. P 1h 51m The Borg, a relentless race of cyborgs, are on a direct course for Earth. Violating orders to stay away. While fans of the series will surely appreciate it, First Contact is exciting, engaging, and Free Movies Online: Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free. Start watching Star Trek: First Contact online on Sling TV. Stream hit shows, movies & more from top channels - live and on demand. Director: Jonathan Frakes. The other, Spock, a Vulcan, was raised in a logic-based society that rejects all emotion. Please fill your email to form below. Marine atomic tests cause changes in the ocean's ecosystem resulting in dangerous blobs of radiation and the resurrection of a dormant dinosaur which threatens London. Old movies. Guide to use learning feature at FshareTV. The Borg go back in time intent on preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species. Country: Japan. You May Also Like. Hover and click on words to translate. HD Curiosa On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien time-traveling vessel looking for Ambassador Spock, who, in this time, is also a child on Vulcan disdained by his neighbors for his half-human heritage. watch star trek first contact movie online for free