watch star trek films online free

watch star trek films online free

Kirk and crew hijack the decommissioned and battle-scarred Enterprise to reunite Spock's soul with his body -- but discover that the Genesis planet has been taken over by Klingons. An alien probe threatens to destroy Earth, and the only way to stop it is for Kirk and his crew to journey back to twentieth century San Francisco to retrieve a pair of humpback whales.

Spock's half-brother Sybok hijacks the Enterprise, brainwashing the crew and taking the ship on a dangerous mission to find God beyond the Great Barrier at the center of the galaxy. The Enterprise crew must free their shipmates and expose a conspiracy that could unravel the peace process. The director is better known as the director of "The Postman," Kevin Costner.

Marvel fans should enjoy some animated features joining TubiTV. They aren't playing superheroes in that movie, but it's relatively not terrible. Patrick Stewart and his team are all solid, as is villain Malcolm McDowell, and the crashing of the Enterprise is a genuinely gripping setpiece. But the story and motivations are undercooked — as is most of the movie. Jonathan Frakes does a nice first-time directing job, balancing the action and character work ably, while Alice Krige steals the show as the sensual Borg Queen.

One difference: with Picard fighting a secret plan engineered by F. Otherwise, this is a forgettable, often cheesy film. The final big-screen outing for the TNG cast is better than its reputation suggests , as Picard squares off against a renegade Romulan who happens to be his clone. Tom Hardy chews the scenery fabulously as the latter, and the climactic battle between his massive ship and the Enterprise is well handled by director Stuart Baird. The new cast, led by Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, is the best thing about the film, which also uses a clever plot device to position this timeline just slightly to the side of the original one.

The reliance on action over ideas is a bit of a letdown, and unfortunately would carry over to the next two movies. One of the worst Trek films ever , right down there with The Final Frontier. This is what happens when people tackle Trek with no understanding of it. The Federation is in competition with the Klingons for an alliance with the inhabitants of Capella IV, a warrior tribe.

Landing party members from the Enterprise are exposed to a strange form of radiation that rapidly ages them. Kirk obsessively hunts for a mysterious cloud creature he encountered in his youth.

Scotty is suspected of murdering a belly dancer. Kirk must deal with Federation bureaucrats, a Klingon battle cruiser and a peddler who sells furry, purring, hungry little creatures as pets. Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are captured and enslaved on a distant planet, where they're trained to perform for the amusement of bored, faceless aliens. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down and find themselves in a culture similar to Earth gangs of the s. The Enterprise encounters a gigantic, energy-draining space organism that threatens the galaxy.

Kirk returns to the planet Neural, where he spent time 13 years earlier. A friend of Kirk's from his previous visit is now the leader of its people. The last three members of an ancient race far more advanced than humans wish to borrow the bodies of Kirk, Spock and Dr. Looking for a missing Federation cultural observer, Kirk and Spock find themselves on a planet whose culture is modeled on the Nazi Party. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a couple of red shirts beam down to the surface of a planet in answer to a fake distress call.

Kirk finds Capt. The Enterprise is chosen to be the test ship for the new M-5 multitronic computer system, which is designed to run a ship without human help. The Enterprise discovers a planet whose oppressive government is a 20th-century version of Earth's Roman Empire. The Enterprise is assigned to observe Earth's history in Kirk and the intrepid Enterprise crew run into dangerous conflicts with Klingons, Romulans, psychic humanoids and a host of other alien races.

When a mysterious intruder on the Enterprise cunningly steals Spock's brain, Bones tries to keep the Vulcan alive while Kirk tracks down the thief. On Kirk's orders, the Enterprise deliberately crosses the Neutral Zone into Romulan space and is promptly surrounded by Romulan warships.

Trapped on a planet whose inhabitants resemble Native Americans, Kirk loses his memory and is proclaimed a god. The Enterprise reaches a Federation colony where the adults have all killed each other but the children play without care.

The Enterprise transports the Medusan ambassador Kollos; his telepathic interpreter, Dr. Miranda Jones; and engineer Laurence Marvick. As punishment for trespassing on their planet, the inhabitants condemn Capt. Kirk and his landing party to reenact the Gunfight at the O.

An entity traps the Enterprise crew and the crew of a disabled Klingon battle cruiser in an unending war aboard the Enterprise. The Enterprise discovers that an apparent asteroid on a collision course with a planet is actually an ancient populated generation ship.

Kirk and the derelict starship Defiant vanish into a spatial interphase between universes. On an urgent medical emergency, Kirk, Spock and McCoy encounter an alien society that had once flourished on Earth during the time of Plato. The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Scalos, but when landing party members beam down, they find no living beings.

Trapped in an alien laboratory, Kirk, Spock and McCoy meet an empath and are involved in a series of experiments. The Enterprise transports Elaan, a member of the ruling dynasty of the warrior Elasians, to the planet of their enemy, the Troyians.

Kirk and Spock are taken prisoner by a former starship captain who now resides at -- and has taken over -- an asylum for the criminally insane. The Enterprise encounters two duo-chromatic and mutually belligerent aliens who put the ship in the middle of their old conflict. Kirk beams down to the planet Gideon and appears to find himself trapped on the deserted Enterprise.

After Enterprise landing party members beam down to investigate a geologically interesting planet, their ship is hurled across the galaxy. The Enterprise is on course to install new equipment on Memory Alpha, the central library storage facility for the Federation. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a supposedly uninhabited planet to gather the mineral ryetalyn to fight a plague of Rigelian fever.

The Enterprise is ordered to pursue a group of antiestablishment idealists who have stolen a space cruiser. Kirk and Spock are caught up in a revolution on a planet where intellectuals and artists live in a utopian city in the sky.

The Kelvin Trek films have never been on their movie selection. Download a paper model of your favorite Starship, print it out, add scissors, white glue and a few hours and you have a model for your ready room. All free and go from relatively simple to very detailed and complex. Make it so! This seems better than some 7-day free promotions to subscribe through TV providers.

This and all the streaming options is what keeps this franchise alive and probably why we have new shows now. I think way more people watch the old shows in reruns than they do shows like Discovery and Picard because there are just so many more options. Stream many Star Trek movies with Hulu free trial and more Access for streaming the thirteen Star Trek feature films gets more complex as they tend to move around from service to service as rights deals kick in and lapse.

Star Trek audiobooks and ebooks available free for a month with Scribd Another service that is offering a free month currently is Scribd. Books and movies also available digitally at your local library Of course the streaming subscription services above are only offering free access for limited periods and to continue to enjoy them you will need to pay to subscribe.

Reruns available free over the air with Heroes and Icons You can also get your Star Trek TV the old-fashioned way, right over the airwaves, and entirely for free.

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Free movies are hard to argue with. TubiTV has some titles worth checking out in March. First up, "Dances with Wolves. The director is better known as the director watch star trek films online free "The Postman," Kevin Watch star trek films online free. Marvel fans should enjoy some animated features joining TubiTV. They aren't playing superheroes in that movie, but it's relatively not terrible. For more information on watch star trek films online free available to watch online, check out CNET. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we ai tamil full movie online free you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Iyaz Akhtar. March 7, p. Kevin Costner wonders if his Civil Watch star trek films online free recreation buddies saved him any baked beans. MGM Free movies are hard to argue with. Check out the full list below: Available March 1, A. Discuss: 'Star Trek' and lots of other movies free to stream right now Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. watch star trek films online free Kirk and McCoy are arrested when Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is assassinated en route to a Federation peace summit. The Enterprise crew must free their. Star Trek. TV 3 SeasonsTV Shows. Led by unflappable Capt. Kirk, the crew of Watch all you want for free. Watch Charlie X. Episode 3 of Season 1. So, we have put together a number of ways Star Trek fans can watch, read, listen Stream (many) Star Trek movies with Hulu free trial and more many are making it easy to get digital library cards online, providing access to. Below is a handy guide to where you can stream every iteration of Trek, from The Original Series to the movies to the new Star Trek: Picard. Grab. With the exception of a few of the films only being available as streaming rentals, just about everything in the Star Trek universe is on a. The greatest adventure of all time begins with Star Trek, the incredible story of a young crew's maiden Format: Prime Video (streaming online video) NOT AT ALL w/this brilliantly done new series of Star Trek films. FREE 2-hour Delivery. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" join a ton of new movies available for free online. For more information on what's available to watch online, check out or subscribe to. Jul 2, - Watch star trek Movies Online Free , Top star trek Movies Collection | Fmovies. 14 sci-fi quotes to live your life by. The best life advice from Sci-Fi films and TV series, from Star Wars to Star. Our rating 0. Please fill your email to form below. The Paradise Syndrome 51m. More Details. In this animated series from the creator of "The Powerpuff Girls," an odd, imaginative boy acquires superpowers after finding five cosmic rings. Load Comments. Not a member yet? Director: J. A failed bank robber locks himself in a home, along with a real estate agent, two IKEA addicts, a pregnant woman, a suicidal millionaire and a rabbit. A Private Little War 51m. Requiem for Methuselah 51m. watch star trek films online free