watch dragon ball kai online free

watch dragon ball kai online free

Krillin's furious attack wipes out the Saibamen, but the Z-Fighters are powerless against the Saiyan warlords. One by one, Earth's defenders suffer devastating injuries - or fall in battle. Goku's return is their only hope for survival. Piccolo hatches a desperate plan to prolong the battle until Goku's arrival. When Vegeta senses an awesome source of power approaching, he orders Nappa to dispose of remaining Z-Fighters - starting with Gohan! Goku arrives in time to save Gohan and Krillin, and the resurrected warrior is eager to put the hurt on Nappa.

When it becomes clear that Goku is no ordinary fighter, Prince Vegeta steps in to finish the fight himself!

The stage is set for a final showdown between Vegeta and Goku. The Saiyan Prince is stronger, faster, and far more ruthless. Goku's only hope for victory is a technique that may very well destroy him!

Vegeta can't handle the fury of Goku's triple Kaio-Ken technique, so the Saiyan warlord unleashes his inner ape. Weakened by his furious onslaught, Goku's only hope to defeat the beast is the mighty Spirit Bomb! As Goku lies exhausted and vulnerable on the field of battle, Gohan and Krillin take aim at Vegeta's only weakness: his tail!

If they can take the ape out of the fight, they might have a chance to escape with their lives. Things look bad for the Z-Fighters until Yajirobe distracts the enemy long enough for Gohan to undergo a transformation of his own!

Vegeta has been defeated, but there's no time to celebrate. The Z-Fighters must find a way to resurrect the friends who died stopping the Saiyan invasion. Fortunately for the fallen, Krillin has a plan! Preparations for the journey to Namek hit a snag when Bulma accidentally blows up the remaining Saiyan spaceship. Popo may know of another vessel, so he and Bulma travel to the Earth's end for a closer look.

A bad case of space boredom makes Bulma a pain to share close quarters with, and Vegeta recovers from his injuries only to discover that Frieza has a head start on tracking down the magic Dragon Balls!

Gohan and Krillin beat up on Frieza's henchmen, but their spaceship is destroyed in the process. Vegeta is headed for a showdown with Cui, and the shrewd Saiyan is keeping his true power level under wraps! Goku blasts off in a brand new spaceship specially equipped with a device designed to help increase his strength!

Gohan and Krillin risk their lives to rescue a young Namekian, and Vegeta goes on the rampage after learning the truth about the destruction of his home planet! After easily defeating Dodoria, Vegeta begins his violent search for the two remaining Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Krillin and his new friend Dende set out to warn the eldest Namekian of the horror headed his way! King Kai telepathically "phones" Goku with a warning to stay as far away from Frieza as possible! Back on Namek, Vegeta is shocked to discover how much a simple transformation can increase Zarbon's power.

The eldest Namekian unlocks the full force of Krillin's dormant power, so the bald brawler can better protect his Dragon Ball. Elsewhere, a Saiyan-related premonition prompts Frieze to call for reinforcements. Vegeta lays it on the line in a daring attempt to steal the Dragon Balls right out from under Frieza's nose. Krillin's riding high on a Namekian power surge, but he's about to wander into a dogfight he can't survive!

Intimidated by Vegeta's superior strength, Krillin reluctantly surrenders his precious Dragon Ball. A glimmer of hope remains after Gohan secures a ball of his own - but the young warrior is headed for a beat-down courtesy of Vegeta! Vegeta intercepts Krillin and Gohan on their mad dash to get powered up by the Eldest Namekian, but larger problems loom on the horizon.

Brace yourselves for the arrival of the Ginyu Force! Gohan and Krillin fight to survive against Guldo, a member of the Ginyu Force who possesses awesome psychic abilities!

With Goku still in space and Vegeta their only ally, things look bleak for Earth's heroes. Vegeta ramps his battle power up to impressive levels, but he's still no match for the Ginyu goons.

To escape death, he'll need help from some heroic former enemies. Meanwhile, Frieza tries to unlock the magic of the Dragon Balls! At long last, Goku finally completes his journey from Earth and arrives on planet Namek. His friends are gravely injured, but the mighty Saiyan warrior has a bag full of magic beans and a powerful secret! As Frieza prepares for his ruthless interrogation of the Eldest Namekian, Goku shows off the benefits of training in gravity one hundred times that of Earth.

Will it be enough to help him defeat Captain Ginyu? Frieza locates the Eldest Namekian, but Nail intercepts the evil entity, risking his own life to preserve the Dragon Balls. Elsewhere, Gohan and Krillin rescue a damsel from some dinosaurs, and Goku continues his battle with Captain Ginyu.

Gohan and Krillin unearth the Dragon Balls, but their attempts to summon Shenron fail miserably. Later, Captain Ginyu's devious strategy forces Earth's warriors to do the unthinkable: attack Goku's flesh and bones with chilling ferocity! Goku and his body are reunited, but the noble Saiyan is severely injured and unable to fight.

A Namekian messenger rushes to assist Gohan and Krillin in summoning Shenron, but there's no guarantee he'll arrive before Frieza.

Gohan and Krillin - with the aid of the young Namekian Dende - rush to make their wishes before Vegeta or Frieza discover their trickery. When the dragon is unable to grant their request, a departed ally offers advice from the afterlife. Piccolo is resurrected and ready to rumble, but his arrival is delayed by an encounter with a dying Namekian.

Meanwhile, Vegeta prepares to throw down with Frieza, but the Saiyan prince may be badly over-matched. Vegeta is impressed by Gohan's furious outburst after Frieza strikes a death blow against Krillin. The two Saiyans work together to defeat the monster, but even their combined powers won't be enough spare their lives! Piccolo joins the battle in progress and quickly attacks Frieza with the strength of two Namekian warriors.

The powerful villain is caught off guard, but a second transformation gives him the strength to finish the fight once and for all! Frieza has begun his ultimate transformation, and Vegeta's only hope to defeat the monster is suffering a mortal wound. If the Saiyan warrior can convince Dende to restore his strength, he may gain the power to defeat his enemy! Vegeta gives his increased power and speed a test run by launching a violent attack on Frieza, but no matter how furiously he fights, the Saiyan is unable to penetrate his enemy's defenses!

Goku arrives at the battle scene only to find Vegeta battered and badly beaten. With his dying breath, the Saiyan prince reveals the truth about Frieza's roll in the death of Goku's father, prompting a fierce outburst of Saiyan pride!

Goku and Frieza go head to head in a vicious slugfest that threatens to destroy the planet of Namek. Krillin and Gohan are amazed by the brutality of the battle, but Piccolo believes two warriors are just warming up! The bruises are multiplying as Goku and Frieza continue to pummel each other mercilessly! Meanwhile, Bulma's encounter with an unusual frog leads to an out-of-body experience! After suffering a savage beating at the hands of Frieza, Goku summons the awesome power of the Kaio-Ken!

If his desperate attack succeeds, victory will be his, but if it fails, the Saiyan race will be eliminated! When his most powerful attacks fail to faze Frieza, Goku turns to his ultimate weapon: the Spirit Bomb! Piccolo joins the fight to buy Goku some time, but can the noble Namekian survive long enough to taste sweet victory? With the help of his friends, Goku succeeds in blasting Frieza with a gargantuan Spirit Bomb!

Victory seems assured, but when the monster re-emerges to strike a shockingly fatal blow - Goku undergoes a powerful transformation! The blonde brawler's impressive new powers drive his opponent to a desperate counterattack that could obliterate Namek!

Despite the danger of Namek's impending implosion, Goku continues his battle with Frieza, determined to extract revenge for Krillin's murder. Elsewhere, Gohan tries to locate Bulma before it's too late! Kami and King Kai concoct a plan to restore the wish-granting power of the Namekian Dragon Balls, and Goku continues his epic battle with the villainous Frieza!

After Goku is seemingly defeated by Frieza, Gohan enters the fight to avenge the loss of his father. Meanwhile, a newly resurrected Dende rushes to make a final wish before planet Namek is destroyed. Goku and Frieza continue their epic battle as planet Namek crumbles beneath their feet.

Back on Earth, Gohan eagerly awaits word of his father's ultimate fate! Goku's ill-advised display of mercy leads to a treacherous final attack by Frieza. As the epic battle between the two warriors reaches its climax, planet Namek teeters on the brink of ultimate destruction! Frieza is defeated, Namek has been obliterated, and the whereabouts of Goku remain a mystery. How will Earth carry on without its Super Saiyan hero? And what will become of the Namekian refugees? The wreckage of Frieza's body is rebuilt by the monster's fiendish father!

Together, they embark on a mission to eradicate life on Earth. Will Goku return home in time to save his friends? The bone-chilling onslaught of Frieza and King Cold is brought to a halt by a mysterious stranger with a mighty sword, but only time will tell if this new warrior is friend or foe! The formidable stranger finally reveals the secret of his origins after a Super Saiyan sparring session with Goku.

The oddly familiar fighter is a visitor from the future sent to deliver a grave warning! Goku tells the amazing story of how he survived the destruction of Namek, and the heroic warriors begin their training for a looming showdown with the Androids!

Goku and his friends eagerly await the arrival of the Androids, but Yamcha's confrontation with the mechanized monsters suggests that Earth's heroes may be up against more muscle they can handle! Goku tries to pulverize the Androids with a devastating display of his Super Saiyan strength, but a mysterious ailment prevents the mighty warrior from unleashing his true power!

Vegeta's sudden arrival creates an opening for the others to rescue Goku. While Yamcha rushes the fallen hero to safety, Vegeta reveals his new and improved fighting style - including the Big Bang Attack! Goku wages a life and death battle with a deadly heart condition, Piccolo takes center stage in the battle to destroy Android 20, and Trunks returns from the future with a disturbing revelation. While Piccolo and company search for Dr.

Gero's secret laboratory, Vegeta sets out to hunt down and destroy Android Meanwhile, Trunks tries everything in his power to save his stubborn father! The newly activated Androids 17 and 18 provide a display of their unprecedented power and cruelty. Vegeta is eager to fight, but he soon finds himself outnumbered three to one! One by one, Vegeta and his reluctant allies meet horrific ends at the hands of the unstoppable Androids.

A bed-stricken Goku is Earth's only hope, but there's a specially-designed Android waiting to destroy him! Faced with an unbeatable enemy, Vegeta flies away in a solitary rage, and Piccolo seeks out Kami on a quest to increase his power by whatever means necessary! While Kami considers merging with Piccolo, Trunks and the others discover a second time machine.

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Add items from around the store. Happy shopping! Goku has continued his training in the Other World, Krillin has gotten married, and Gohan has his hands full attempting to navigate the pitfalls of high school. The Supreme Kai has come to enlist the aid of the Z Fighters in his effort to prevent Babidi from awakening a monster of unimaginable terror - Majin Buu! Join the Madman Mailing List to hear all the latest on sales, promotions and watch dragon ball kai online free releases. All rights reserved. BoxPonsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. Madman Entertainment. Your Shopping Cart is Empty Add items watch dragon ball kai online free around the store. Create a Madman Account Already a Member? Sign Watch dragon ball kai online free. Overview Stills Downloads. Visit The Official Website. Full Episodes. Added to your cart. watch dragon ball kai online free Start a Free Trial to watch Dragon Ball Z Kai on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime​). Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. streaming Dragon Ball Z Kai? Find where to watch seasons online now! The last descendants of an evil race of warriors known as the Saiyans are on a collision course with Earth, and Goku - the strongest fighter on the planet - is all. What are the best websites to watch Dragon Ball Z Kai Ex Anime | Watch best anime series, Live action online & free download english sub One Piece. Dragon Ball Z Kai is available to stream on free services, Adult Swim and fuboTV. You can 10 episodes (3%) are available to watch free online (Adult Swim). Dragon Ball Z Kai - The Official Site from FUNimation. Posted: May 24, It's completely different from dbz and super but definitely worth a watch. they also have Kai which is a modern overall more accurate dub to the manga but I don't A couple basic Frieza Spirit Bomb combos since I couldn't find many online. › videos › dragon-ball-z-kai. On Namek, Krillin and Gohan watch in horror as Frieza's men slaughter innocent Namekians. EP 22 Dodoria's Terrifying Chase! A Truth Revealed to Vegeta! Dragon Ball Z Kai. The Saiyan Prince is stronger, faster, and far more ruthless. Goku, Frieza, and Ginyu Again?! You May Also Like. Gohan succeeds in defeating Cell but the monster has one last trick up his sleeve, a devastating development that could destroy the world! Shelter Movies. Popo proves stronger than Goku ever could have imagined, but the little warrior won't give up until his friends are resurrected. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Gohan replaces his father in the battle with Cell, but the boy appears to be no match for his monstrous opponent. A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan! watch dragon ball kai online free