Prix de la box delta free Treaty ATTwe believe it is important to ensure that transparency does not run counter septembe national and regional security. One of the main achievements of the EU common position relates to increased transparency across the EU on arms export issues. Developing a robust risk assessment strategy is key to cybersecurity. Men pessimisterna fick fel. Digital union is a very important idea in front of us. Dan denk ik dat het in deze situatie toch te is gek geworden dat het zo lang geduurd heeft. The scandal has resulted in British consumers vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 confidence in eggs generically and the British producer is paying the price for the sins of other EU producers.">

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vente privee free mobile septembre 2017

Handheld Contact Act! Companion Act! Premium Mobile Options Act! Mobile E-Marketing Act! The adjustments anticipate the upward revision of agricultural assigned revenues in the forthcoming autumn forecast. Some additional savings were identified under the annual actions of the sustainable fisheries partnership agreements based on past under—implementation. As regards heading 5, Administration, the Council, after a very attentive scrutiny, set the budget of the relevant institutions at what we deem to be an appropriate level, taking into account the specificities of institutions.

The Council carried out targeted savings and increased the standard flat-rate abatement on salaries for most institutions and offices. There is still some improvement possible in order to fully achieve the target by all institutions.

The Council considers that the level of staff needs to be kept under continuous monitoring to ensure that the savings achieved are consolidated. I would like to draw to a conclusion by iterating the following points. The moderation of expenditure growth in the budget, as compared to the in certain areas that the Council is suggesting, have been put for your consideration after serious scrutiny by the Council.

The guiding underlying principles of the prioritisation were: first, limiting budget growth of some programmes in order to increase flexibility through bigger margins under the MFF ceiling, and secondly, seeking savings in the administrative expenditures whilst reflecting the progress of the programmes and their past execution rate.

Further, no reductions were applied to the completion lines of the — programming period in order to maintain a successful path for phasing out the backlog of unpaid bills. No reductions were applied to the core activities of humanitarian aid. Having said this, I am very conscious of the next steps in the budget process. I intend to weigh the forthcoming position that Parliament will adopt with earnest and serious deliberations in exactly the same vein as the Council was serious and deliberative while formulating its position.

On those premises and thanking you for hearing out the rationale of the Council position, I hope we can move towards a reasonable and sustained budget for that will bring maximum benefits for our European citizens. In der Struktur des Haushalts haben wir keine Unterschiede. Rat, Parlament und Kommission haben vor einigen Jahren entschieden: Wir wollen drei Prozent unseres Bruttosozialprodukts in Forschung und Innovation investieren.

Wir liegen bei zwei Prozent. We are now entering a decisive phase in the procedure to agree on an EU budget for We have spent the first half of the year agreeing on political priorities, and we have done important work together in agreeing that growth, jobs and the safety and the security of citizens have to be the political priorities of the budget of the Union for next year.

These are the right priorities because this is what the citizens of Europe expect the Union to deliver and these are exactly the areas where the Union adds value.

Now, we need to deliver on the promises which we made together in the first half of the year. The total cuts proposed by the Council are EUR 1. Let me be very clear: what the Council is proposing here is a budget for a weaker European Union because less investments today means a weaker European economy in the future. The Commissioner has outlined this with examples from the digital area in a very convincing manner. The European Commission has understood in the very first half of the year that growth, jobs, safety and security have to be our priorities, and they have put together a very meaningful budget.

This is why I also support allocating most of the resources that we have for research, for SMEs, for infrastructure projects, standing by the side of farmers, particularly young farmers, and fulfiling our commitments when it comes to the Cohesion and Structural Funds. The low absorption rates in the first year of this financial programing period for the Cohesion and Structural Funds does not mean that the absorption rate will stay low in the years to come.

On the contrary, it means that now projects will be at full speed and the money is needed over the next years. This is why I am calling on all sides to come together in the upcoming weeks to put forward a meaningful budget for the Union in — a budget based on investments, supporting research, innovation, SMEs and important projects — to put money in the good projects that apply for EU funds, to stand by the side of our immediate neighbourhood, be it south, be it east, be it the Western Balkans, improve safety and security, and make use of the agencies of the Union which we have and which are there to improve the safety and security of the citizens of Europe.

Richard Ashworth, rapporteur. Bearing in mind the level of inflation, I thought that was a realistic proposition and I recommend it be taken as a benchmark for the other institutions. So, I am happy to report that the majority of the other institutions accept that point, and I am happy to say that they have made similar proposals. There are three exceptions that I would mention to the House. First, the European Data Protection Supervisor has been tasked with expanding his activities, and of course this would involve an abnormal expenditure on his part in Secondly, the European Court of Auditors are faced with a large increase in workload, and this too I accept as a legitimate and a reasonable demand.

Finally, the European Court of Justice makes a very strong case for increased funding, both because of raised activity levels and increased translation costs, and for addressing some significant security issues. Faced with these extra costs, therefore, it is my judgement that the Council has cut some of the funding levels too far, and I recommend to this House that we reinstate some of those levels. Nevertheless, to keep the overall level of budget expenditure under control, we need to achieve further savings.

In part, I propose to meet those additional costs through efficiency gains, and here I am happy to report that the Court of Auditors have gone some way to meeting us in that respect. But in part two we have to exercise budgetary discipline, and in so doing we will have to redistribute some of the funding.

To that end, I propose to freeze the budgets of the Committee of Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee for the year I am also conscious that the European External Action Service faces significant rising costs — in part due to increased staffing levels, but also partly due to the cost of the strategic communications programme.

Most of this cost should be absorbed by the EEAS from their current budget, but I do accept there may be need for a small upward adjustment when we have the precise figures. Mr President, I ask this House to bear in mind that, if you agree with me that the figure agreed for this Parliament of 2.

I look forward to discussing my proposals with the shadows in the coming weeks, and I hope for their support. Let me just comment with a very few words. Commissioner, your case made especially for research is compelling, and I can assure you that the Council has a sympathetic spot in its heart about that. We will take that back to our Council colleagues and we will certainly discuss that going forward in the budget process.

It is an excellent point and it is a point to be considered, as you said, thinking about the long-term competitiveness of the continent.

Thank you very much, Mr Rapporteur, dear Siegfried. Your passionate points about the infrastructure, the SMEs, the farmers: we take good note of that.

This much I can and will promise, and I will discuss them with our Council colleagues and with you, undoubtedly, soon enough, when we start in-depth discussions about the budget. Mr Ashworth, thanks for your remarks. These are excellent points and as such we will take them fully on board in our considerations going forward and treating the administrative costs of the Council. Firstly, I wish to thank you on behalf of the Council and myself and my colleagues for your views, and thank you for presenting them so straightforwardly and frankly.

As I have said, I fully respect that the European Parliament may have — and probably will have — a different take on the proposed budget for the year I can assure you that we will work hard with you after you have formally adopted your position.

We know that we can count on the Commission and on you, Mr Oettinger, in helping to converge our positions and suggest skilful and balanced compromise solutions. I am confident that, with the dedication of the European Parliament and the Commission, as well as our own, we will be able to reach an agreement, and a good agreement, in due time. Dichiarazioni scritte articolo This is a testimony to parliamentary scrutiny of arms exports, which is a sound follow-up to transparency applied at EU level on arms export issues.

Interaction channels on arms export issues with Parliament and civil society, including NGOs, the academic world and the industry have developed considerably over the years. This is an invaluable achievement and it illustrates that transparency and dialogue can fruitfully take place without prejudice to the respective responsibilities of national and EU stakeholders. At a time when we advocate further transparency worldwide, notably via the Arms Trade Treaty ATT , we believe it is important to ensure that transparency does not run counter to national and regional security.

The EU framework governing arms exports mainly revolves around the EU common position on arms exports adopted in This framework is unique. It is based on the national responsibility of EU Member States on arms export licensing decisions, together with well-developed information-sharing between the export control authorities of Member States.

The risk assessment criteria laid down by the EU common position are comprehensive and far-reaching, notably in terms of respect for human rights and international humanitarian law, the risk of diversion and the impact on internal and regional stability. Against this background of national responsibility exercised with common risk assessment criteria, the overarching objectives of the EU common position are to promote responsible arms export policies and the convergence of national arms export policies.

In support of these objectives, the Council and the European External Action Service provide an information-sharing platform which is the dedicated Council working party on arms exports, and an IT platform enabling the exchange of information relevant for risk assessment, including details on license denials.

Like the EU guidelines, these information-sharing components have been recently overhauled and updated as a result of the review of the EU common position achieved in This has contributed — and continues to further contribute — to the convergence of arms export policies as they are being put into practice. Briefly widening the picture outside the EU, in our close neighbourhood a number of third countries have aligned with the criteria of the EU common position.

To assist them in their daily operational implementation, the EU has had in place since an outreach programme funding technical cooperation. The latest phase, covering the years , will come to a close in December, but steps are already being taken to continue the work with a new Council decision for the years and Secondly, and moving to an even larger picture, I would like to refer to the Arms Trade Treaty.

This Treaty sets unique and widely-accepted standards to achieve greater responsibility and transparency in the arms trade. Of note, however, is that some of the largest arms exporters and importers, such as Russia, China, India and Pakistan, have not signed or ratified it. All diplomatic opportunities are used to encourage countries that have taken no steps towards the Treaty to join it by providing the EU assistance programme where needed and requested. The arms trade is becoming more and more globalised.

It is our duty to lead by example when it comes to arms exports from the EU. It is equally our duty to encourage and support other arms manufacturers and traders to apply the ATT standards. At the start, I am satisfied that the report clearly confirms the right of every sovereign state to self-defence. Consequently, states also have a legitimate right to acquire military technologies for the support purposes of self-defence. The common position of eight criteria is a strong commitment by the Member States to systematically control and verify exports of the products of national defence industries.

Issuing export licences is based on clear principles. There are several problems with the implementation of the common position, and therefore we support a more demanding and coherent approach. However, the PPE sees no need for extra new criteria or new specific structures or sanctions to enforce control.

The first task for us is to secure full and strict implementation with existing commitments. What we need most is more timely and systematic exchange of information on export licences and actual exports. Member States have different ways of acquiring information. Diversion of arms remains a major concern. We fully agree with it. We need to address this problem efficiently through joint strategy and action, both by Member States and the Commission. We have asked for separate votes on paragraph 29 and paragraph Together with the ECR, we hope that colleagues will be able to support them.

We should not underestimate their importance. Like our armed forces, the arms industries of European countries are well regulated and responsibly controlled. We have export control regimes, primarily to ensure that, as far as possible, weapons and key components do not get into the wrong hands, and by that I mean our potential enemies, rogue states and terrorists. While there is much in the Valero report we can agree with, we also take issue on a number of points.

Most of these concern the constant effort to enhance the role of the EU over its Member States. We have to ask why there is a necessity for increased EU activity in this area when it is the wider international community that needs to be taking action.

In fact, very little mention is made of the countries that have been the worst abusers in the International Arms Trade System, feeding violent insurgency and terrorism in all continents of the world. Can I ask Mr Van Orden whether he will vote in favour of the Valero report, which calls for an end to arms sales to Saudi, which are being used to kill Yemeni children? Your last name. Your first name. Who We Are.

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Carlos Zorrinho, relator. Mariya Gabriel, membre de la Commission. Anne Sander, au nom du groupe PPE. Vandaag gaan zij de vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 worden van de verspilzucht van de Europese instellingen. Een jaar geleden stond voorzitter Juncker vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 hier, het is reeds aangehaald, en lanceerde hij in zijn State of the Union het ideetje van gratis wifi voor de burgers. Ik heb hiertegen drie concrete bezwaren. Ten tweede zullen de senioren en de doorsneetoerist, twee doelgroepen die toch expliciet geviseerd worden, amper gebruik maken van een gratis hotspot. Ik zie geen senioren, die weinig mobiel zijn, zich plots naar het marktplein begeven om hun e-mail te checken. Toeristen septembe, nu we gratis roaming hebben, hun plekje op het strand heus niet verlaten om hun Facebook te gaan checken. Ten derde leidt het plan ook tot de uitbreiding van de transferunie, want goed presterende regio's zullen gestraft worden. Daarom zeg ik: Europa moet niet inzetten op het vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 van dure cadeaus maar wel op jobs, veiligheid en migratie. We have also heard now somewhat reluctant words. I would say the truth is somewhere in between. It is an opportunity: the programme itself has certain elements which are relatively new. I think they definitely cut the rree burden, which is already a precedent for, let us say, other initiatives in the future. Secondly, it is a vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 in the telecom package. I think it is a carrot which can create impetus, and that is important. Vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 course, whether it be four, six or eight thousand communities, it will not be a revolution. But we all know that in a number of Member States, in some remote areas, vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 culture is relatively low in this respect in terms of ombile in this field, and that is what 2071 understand the initiative to be: to create an impetus that would really make a difference. If I were a mayor of a adele someone like you mp3 free download 320kbps which has not applied, and I see that in the next community they have applied and they have received their contribution and WiFi is being engaged, I might see people from my community suddenly leaving for the next vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 in the evening for entertainment or something else, but that is an added value. vente privee free mobile septembre 2017 T+ yearly​mobile/vente-privee-free-mobilegomoisnovembret​html. 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