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e Executive Committee meeting agenda and papers should be circulated at least one week prior to e Executive Committee meeting. 9 Documentation, communication and reporting 9.1 Minutes of e Executive Committee meetings are to be kept and held at e registered office of e LLP. 9.2 e Executive Committee reports to e Board. 4.2.1 e quorum for any meeting of e Executive Committee shall be two- irds of its members. 4.2.2 A duly convened meeting of e Committee at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all or any of e au orities, powers and discretions vested in or exercisable by e Committee. 3.2 e term of office of a member of e Committee (subject to o er provisions wi in e terms of reference) is four years. 3.3 A member of e Committee on vacating office at e expiration of e initial term shall be eligible for re-appointment. TERMS OF REFERENCE UNION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (Location). NAME OF UNION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (Workplace) Union Management Consultation Committee 2. PREAMBLE 2.1 It is recognized at is committee does not in any way interfere wi ei er Management’s au ority or it’s obligation to manage or wi e. Meetings: 2 per annum. Terms of Reference: is committee provides a forum for communication, consultation and cooperation between students and ose sectors of e university community at impact on students and student services. UNIVERSITY LANGUAGES BOARD. Purpose: To develop and monitor implementation of language policies. Membership: 18. Each committee should have a Terms of Reference document (ToR) at, at a minimum, describes e purpose, scope and au ority of e committee. e purpose of e committee is e most important section of is document and unless you have a very good reason, you should not proceed to create a committee wi out a clearly defined purpose. Meeting Date: 26 ch Title: Revised Terms of Reference for Trust Management Committee Executive Sum y: e revised ToR reflect and include all comments and changes submitted. e ToR are provided to TMC for a final review, approval and recommendation to e Trust Board. ereafter, committee members be reappointed for one (1) year terms annually, at e discretion of e person responsible for eir appointment. Committee will strive to not have more an half of its membership being new members in any. e (name of Network Group/Committee) sets out to achieve (what outcomes). 2. Term is Terms of Reference is effective from (insert start date) and continues until e (insert expected date of completion of e network)/will be ongoing until terminated by agreement between e parties. 3. Membership e Network Group/Advisory Group will comprise. An information management policy (please attach to Terms of Reference) should be adopted and maintained by each lared Committee. is policy requires at members, and employees or persons assisting e Committee or activity agree to comply wi e Committee or activity’s information management policy. Management Committee Terms of Reference (Incorporating Internal Governance Practices & Procedures) Effective 1 uary . Purpose 1.1. e Management Committee is entrusted wi e general management of e Company wi e exception of: i. e determination of e strategy and general policy of e Company. and ii. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 1.Membership and Chairing e governing body determines e constitution, membership and terms of reference of any committee it ides to establish and reviews em annually. A chair must be appointed annually by e governing body or elected by e committee, as determined by e governing body. e Senior Management Team will inform e Audit Committee and Advisory Group on an ongoing basis of matters relevant to eir remit. Significant issues such as risk escalation will be reported promptly. . Review and Approval ese Terms of Reference will be reviewed following e appointment of a Chief. When committee meetings are open to e public, e following provisions will apply. 56. Public access will be enabled to meetings of standing committees. topic-specific committees will be held in private. Terms of Reference. 87. Committee members must comply wi e Terms of Reference at set out e scope of e committee's work and its. To assist in e execution of its responsibilities, e Board has established ree Board Committees, an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee, a Human Resources and Pension Committee (HRPC) and an Audit & Conduct Review Committee (ACRC). ese Committees have written terms of reference which are regularly reviewed. e Committees have no executive powers regarding eir . Regular evaluations ensure at e terms of reference are being followed and at you are achieving your goals. Evaluations also allow a committee to address a possible need for revision of terms of reference, ensure effective leadership and allow member tur er. It should be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis. To perform o er functions as be delegated to it by e Board. e delegated au ority of is Committee is HK$1,000 million for routine commitments (1). HK$500 million for non-routine commitments. and HK$ 0 million for consultancies. (1) Routine commitments involve contracts/agreements at are subject to competitive tender in accordance wi AA's procurement . Terms of Reference e pri y role of e OHS Committee is to assist Monash University discharge its OHS responsibilities in accordance wi e requirements of e Victorian Occupational Heal and Safety Act 2004, ereby streng ening e heal and safety of staff and students at Monash University. Terms of Reference for Risk Management Committee 4. To review e statement on risk management for disclosure in e Group’s Annual Report. 4.11 To conduct investigation on any matters wi in is terms of reference as au orised by e Board. 5. CONDUCT OF MEETINGS . is Projects Committee Terms of Reference ( e TOR ) defines e purpose, au ority and responsibility of e Committee. In addition, e TOR is intended to assist e Board of Directors in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities. e Projects Committee is appointed to assist e Board in reviewing, overseeing and monitoring all. Terms of Reference. Membership e Committee comprises at least ree Non-Executive Directors, e Chief Executive and e Chief Financial Officer. Committee Members are appointed by e Board. Only Committee Members have e right to attend Committee meetings. At e . e Committee shall regularly review and assess e adequacy of its Terms of Reference. It will also annually evaluate its effectiveness in fulfilling its mandate under is Terms of Reference. . Reporting e Committee shall report to e Board following each meeting wi respect to its activities and recommendations. Terms of reference are written guidelines at clarify e role, purpose and responsibilities given to a committee. A reporting mechanism should be put in place so at e main committee can be kept up to date wi progress, consider proposals from e sub-committee and ratify any isions taken by e sub-committee wi in its terms of. Terms of reference are usually used to set out e functions, membership and o er key information about limited-term groups such as working parties. is rule covers e bare essentials for e constitution (or terms of reference) of any committee, whe er in e Senate/Academic Board/ Faculty structure, or in e form of a Working Party. e CEO appoint ano er individual to attend a Committee meeting as an ex officio non-voting Committee member in eir absence. 2. Term of Office e terms of individuals appointed C. 1.(b) shall be determined at e time of appointment. e Committee in carrying out its duties under ese Terms of Reference shall: Recommend to e Board e Bank’s overall risk appetite 1, tolerance and strategy taking account of e current and prospective macroeconomic and financial environment. TERMS OF REFERENCE: A Terms of Reference (TOR) document establishes a particular board or committee and details e specific au ority at board or committee has to oversee a delegated area of responsibility. It should clearly set out e roles, responsibilities, operations, tenure and obligations, in . 1. Terms of Reference 1.1 ese Terms of Reference (and any subsequent amendments) will be approved by e Board. 2. Membership 2.1 e members of e Committee shall comprise e entire Board. Any conflicts shall be managed rough e Conflicts of Interest policy. 2.2 Only members of e Committee have e right to attend committee meetings. Committee ). e Committee has no executive powers o er an ose specifically delegated in ese Terms of Reference. 2. Terms of Reference. Purpose To provide assurance to e Board at e Trust has a robust framework for e management of risks . Creating a Terms of Reference. A Terms of Reference is typically created or approved at e discretion of e board and usually follows e election of a new board or creation of a new committee. A Terms of Reference should reflect e bylaws of e co-operative, but it does not require e same level of detail. Committee (e Secretary ) and will ensure at e Nomination Committee receives information and papers in a timely manner to enable full and proper consideration of e issues. 2. Terms of Reference to be made available 2.1 e Nomination Committee shall make available ese terms of reference, explaining its role. 2 days ago · Terms of reference definition: Terms of reference are e instructions given to someone when ey are asked to consider . Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. DSC Contract Management Committee Page 1 of 2 Version 2.0 Standard Terms of Reference 18 ober DSC Contract Committee Standard Terms of Reference Introduction is is e standard Terms of Reference at will apply to e DSC Contract Management Committee Meeting. Purpose of e Meeting. MAC on COVID-19 Terms of Reference Non-members be invited to attend meetings and provide presentations by e Chairperson of e Committee as required. Any invited guests must be approved by e Chairperson of e Committee prior to e meeting and . Terms of Reference PCC 1 Approved BOARD 18/ / AustralianSuper People & Culture Committee Terms of Reference 1 Introduction e People & Culture Committee (e Committee) is a Committee of e Board of AustralianSuper Pty Ltd. e Committee operates on e basis outlined in ese Terms of Reference. Terms of Reference of e Management Engagement Committee SQN Secured Income Fund Plc Terms of Reference of e Management Engagement . ember 2, . Risk and Compliance Committee Terms of Reference 1 Constitution 1.1 e Risk and Compliance Committee (Committee) was constituted at a full meeting of e board of directors (Board) of AJ Bell plc (Company) held on 26 e in accordance wi e articles of association of e Company. 1.2 e Committee is a committee of e Board from which. Ophir Technical Advisory Committee Terms of Reference - 2 - 3 Quorum 3.1 e quorum necessary for e transaction of business shall be two members.A duly convened meeting of e Committee at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all.

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