taboos and issues pdf free download

taboos and issues pdf free download

Often they are most beautiful, natural, my money to have sex with illegal immigrants. They cant wholesome things that me, whats the problem?

Steve Martin, actor body. Its my money and none of your business! Prostitution is a problern Its the only way dirty old caused by men. There arent any prostitutes for women. Prostitution Its men who create the is for sad, sad people. The problem and men who make women are sad and the men are even sadder.

Id ban it! Taboos and Issues Sex for sale 7 Work in pairs and compare your answers to the Would you swear in the following situations? Whatfollowing questions: would you say? Y o u take some milk o u t o f the fridge, but2. Are there any swear words y o u w o u l d never 2. Y o u are carrying t w o pints o f beer in a bar. A r e y o u ever offended, upset o r annoyed w h e n 4. Somebody drives i n t o the back o f y o u r b r a n d other people swear? Your phone bill is double the n o r m a l amount.

Read the articles below. Tick J the true sentences. The bad language used by John3. John Ashford was arrested f o r swearing. Ashford as he fell out of his4. He appeared in court. At least now I am in a front of women and children. For over six Mr Slater told the court that bad months Martha Johnson. M Y workers would falling into a river. DiscussionWork in pairs or small groups. Discuss these questions about the texts above.

D o you think M a r t h a Johnson was over-reacting? D o you think Mr Ashford should be in c o u r t? I f not, w h a t d o y o u think should have happened? LanguageLook at the sentence below from the second text: Now make true sentences using some of the expressions from examples 1 - 4. It is now perfectly acceptable to swear in extreme circumstances. Most people I know find swearing. In these sentences one of the words in italics is 2. Cross it out. There are one or two words which I find.

Swearing in certain situations is completely 4. Swearing at someone in a public place is. I think it is. Using that kind of language is perfectly acceptablelOKlgood in some situations. Some words that people use are actually very Work in pairs and compare your answers. DiscussionDiscuss the statements below. Do you agree or not? Swearing can be creative and expressive. Its useful to be able to swear in English. Its difficult to know how to use English swear words.

You can sound silly if you swear in English. People who swear a lot are just uneducated. Children should be taught that swearing is wrong. You can upset people by saying Jesus Christ. People shouldnt use swear words in the street. Different people of different ages find haveyou used or would you use? Here is a Are you offended when people use religious wordsrough guide to some of the most common English as swear words?

Hes a real shit. Most English swear words are connected with sexBlast! Is this the same in your language? Piss off! Bloody hell! It was bloody awful! Avoiding swear wordsIt was really crap! Hes a total wanker! Native speakers often avoid swearing by using other similar-sounding words. What do you thinkBullshit! Hes a stupid prick. Hes a real dickhead. Hes an arsehole! He told me to F off! Taboo-strength: Fuck off!

Its flipping cold, isnt it? Religious swear words can offend much more than 3. Not bleeding likely! Oh, sugar! Using God, Jesus Christ or Christ 5. P off! Almighty will greatly offend some people. Hes a real B! Taboos and Issues Swearing 8 1 Discussion Work in pairs. What do you think the answers are to these questions? In there were countries in the world: 1. In h o w many countries did people in prison o r police custody suffer torture o r ill-treatment?

In h o w many countries did people die a s a result of torture o r inhuman prison conditions? Find out the answers from your teacher and then discuss these questions: 1. D o the figures surprise o r shock you o r are they w h a t you would expect?

Do you think the figures would be better o r worse for this year? In which countries would you expect t o find torture happening? W h a t about your o w n country? Reading Read the articles through quickly and answer the questions below: Which countries are mentioned in connection with torture?

Do a n y of the articles surprise you? Following the European Court of Human priest who had asked her for help. Crime protests from Britain. Yesterday she questioning. The court ex-dictator of Chile. I know he is officer in The officer was a particularly cruel and serious an old man and he is fragile, but so cleared of manslaughter, but the case nature7making it torture under the were the pregnant women who were exposed the police to widespread European Convention on Human raped and tortured," she said.

Read the articles again and answer these questions: 1. W h y w a s Sheila Cassidy tortured? W h a t was shocking a b o u t the H u m a n Rights Watch report? W h a t information did the French police w a n t? Discussion Discuss these questions in small groups:! D o you think t h a t the conduct of the US police might sometimes actually be torture? H o w would you define torture? Do you feel t h a t any of the cases of torture mentioned above might in any w a y be justified?

Do you think the police in your country torture suspects a n d k n o w n criminals? I 9 Torture Taboos and Issues e Language 1 Language 2Put the words in italics in the right order to make Complete the article below using the phrasesprepositional phrases.

She was later released I think imprisonment. A suspect was choked to death They had also seen photographs4. The man was beaten. Both men were found guilty. The judge passed to an effort in sentence immediately, saying: " 3.

His treatment. The government had no choice but to arrest After your arrest, 6. Therefore, 7. All political prisoners will have been released you have done, and, 8. United Nations. DiscussionWork in small groups. Look at the situations below. Discuss how much force, if any, it is acceptable forthe police or army to use in each situation in order to get what they want. The police arrest someone for a bank robbery.

The police catch a member of a terrorist They are absolutely certain they have the organisation. He knows the names of other person responsible, and he already has a members of the organisation. He also has criminal record, but at the moment they have information about where they have stores of no evidence. They need a confession. They arms and explosives. This information will save only have four hours to get one before he must lives. Your country is at war. You capture a high A child has been kidnapped.

The kidnappers ranking enemy soldier who has considerable are threatening to kill the child if their knowledge of the enemy plans. This demands are not met.

The police catch one of information would certainly save the lives of the kidnappers who knows where the child is many of your soldiers and possibly shorten the being held. She refuses to tell the police. Would your response to situation 2 be the same if the child was yours or a friends?

Taboos and Issues Torture 9 8 DiscussionDiscuss these questions in pairs or small groups D o you think work is a good place t o find a partner? Why I why not? In a work setting, what body parts of a colleague would it be OK t o touch in your country? Tick all the OK parts: hand What would happen if you did touch the parts of the body that you did not tick? Then she sues, and Paris seem as clean and innocent as laughed at me. The nude finally changed their policy when or sometimes nothing at all.

Brigitte Janin, limited to harassment by a superior asked that his name not be an aerodynamics engineer, said she of a subordinate. Typically, many published. Chatting suggestive photographs from the "It usually goes this way: the up beautiful women is natural. Sexual harassment only applies in cases of advances from a subordinate t o a superior.

Usually a woman is fired after she goes to court. Many judges blame a womans behaviour. DiscussionH o w far d o you agree with Brigitte Janin about the photos? D o you think that a woman who dresses seductively should be prepared for unwanted sexualadvances? Give a n example of seductive dress.

Can men be sexually harassed by women? Have you ever been in a difficult situation of this kind at work or college? I10 Sexual harassmfni Taboos and Issues LanguageComplete these sentences with the correct preposition: at about in for UP of with between1.

There are lawyers who specialise. Trying to sue. If you complain, you just get laughed. If you flirt. My boss thinks he can chat. You can pay compliments to a female colleague but there is a fine line. Decide if the scenariosbelow describe a situation of sexual harassment.

Shouldanything be done about each situation? If so, what? Brian Lake often comes in to work with compliments. Keith Maxwell. Lucy Holanda. Dung Nguyen. Craig Skellorn. Anonymous BssSe5. Popular in Language. George Main. Emmanuel Kishore. Elzein Amir Elzein. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

Topics taboo Collection opensource Language English. There are no reviews yet. The focus on collocation does mean that the book can certainly be used with any class of Intermediate and above level, as suggested on the cover, and makes it particularly suitable for mixed level classes.

What it really lacks is any functional language, which could perhaps have been put in a preparatory chapter, but it ties in well with other LTP texts such as 'Conversation Gambits' or 'Conversation Lessons'. The publishers seem to be missing a trick by not suggesting this. If there are any surprises about the rest of the book, it is its sparse simplicity.

The presentation is clear and professional if slightly old fashioned looking, and with only a few cartoons to liven it up. The teachers' notes are limited to the answers and a one-line warning on the dangers of each topic, with a few alternative teaching suggestions scattered through the book.

Again, it is, as it says, aimed very much at the experienced teacher. However, the thought of it falling into the wrong hands does scare me somewhat. In conclusion, I'll certainly be using this book again, with present and future groups. Lindsay Clandlield Jim Scrivener Companies and representatives throughout the world. Fundamental Taboos of Biology. Taboos religion and art Taboos and many Faces of Censorship in Theatre.

Taboos and censorship This society.

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