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27,  · Nagato handled e Rinnegan since he was a child. So I'm not sure where people are getting e idea Obito can do what Nagato did. Nagato's stats and Chakra levels df Obito's it's not even funny. Wi all e ese restrictions, is is no different from MS Obito whom admitted inferiority to Nagato. Nagato vs Obito. Forum Versus Debates board Nagato vs Obito Follow. 0 Kudos Nagato vs Obito. QuakingStar. Nagato has never got his legs damaged and never lost his leg Mobility and is in his Prime, never synced to e Gedo Mazo. He still has 6POP at his disposal, but can use e 6 Pa s himself too, masterfully as is shown in e manga. 04,  · Madara Obito Nagato. Madara is e God of Shinobi along wi Hashirama. ey bo are in a category of eir own so don't compare em wi o ers like Obito(as of now atleast).Obito is stronger an Nagato, because (SPOILER) according to e latest manga chapter, he's e ten tails jinchuuriki now.Nagato cannot even compare to e level Obito has achieved now~. 27,  · Yeah, Nagato is on a tier firmly above MS Obito. Rinnegan Obito is above Nagato mainly for e reason Kia stated. Believe it or not Icegaze but your comment on Obito lacking Rinnegan feats (even if at's not entirely true) is a testament to how broken Rinnegan Obito was in eory given how plot was needed to hold him back. 09,  · Nagato has a better life force of course, but bigger chakra an Obito is completely wrong. Obito is half senju, senju chakrauzamaki Obito has been using a lot of chakra since e beginning of e until now, Nagato has shown no ing on at level. e reason why Obito can't use double rinnegan is because. 21,  · is video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. 29,  · If Obito goes for his usual p to boxland right off e bat, Nagato will counter wi ST and probably kill Obito. And MS Obito hasn't really shown much outside of Kamui, so I ink he is really going to get countered wi ST to his face before he gets e p off, and he won't even have time to figure out ST's interval. 08,  · Obito said to himself along e lines of Even I managed to keep some secrets from him. at secret I assume to be Izanagi) And if Rinnegan Obito uses Izanagi, en he can't use Kamui. He is also unlikely to sneak attack on Nagato after using Izanagi, since Nagato seems to be a sensor, so he would sense Obito's presence. 14,  · When Pain resurrected everyone who was killed, at was not part of Obito's plan. Because of Naruto's persuasion, Nagato ended up betraying Obito, and at set e plan back. At at point, he needed to assert control in order to keep e plan from falling apart and to keep it running smoo ly. and in order to do at, he began using e Madara. Obito vs Nagato. Forum Versus Debates board Obito vs Nagato (Closed) Rachin123 closed is read because: Dead discussion. 16:25, ust 22, . Follow. 0 Kudos Obito vs Nagato. Kjubi. 06,  · Nagato is mobile. Itachi is heal y and is in his Edo from. Doesn't have Edo regeneration. Can't use KA. Sasuke is EMS. Can't use legged Susanoo. V4 Susanoo is e maximum Susanoo protection he can use. MS Obito. Has ano er eye for Izanagi Location is . 16,  · Minato vs Nagato REACTION Pixel Party Pals. Loading Unsubscribe from Pixel Party Pals? Obito vs Itachi REACTION - Duration: 20:37. Pixel Party Pals 5,186 views. 20:37. 07,  · Ok I have many questions related to naruto please answer according to latest updates.. How come Karin is a uzumakiclan member. 2. What would happen if a battle between all six pains and fully movable nagato(not crippled) vs obito Consider kakashi beat obito in e latest manga I ink pain is stronger an obito. 3.did madara awaken rinnegan before meeting Nagato? Stronger? Oh heck yes. Was he better in a fight is a different question, as while Nagato is monstrously powerful Obito has 2 of e most broken abilities in e series, his Kamui, and Wood Style, along wi is he is very strong physically, able. 22,  · 1) Tobi says at Nagato was suppose to revive him, but Nagato instead used it on e people he killed in Konoha. When Madara gets out of e coffin he inks he was revived by Nagato. 2) Kabuto says to Madara your vessel is unique. 3) Tobi seems to know a lot about Madara. MinatoJiraiya and nobody can touch Obito, so team 2 wins. Doubt deva pa wont work on Obito since he is obviously affected by gravity even when he uses kamui and human pa might drag his soul out. nagato(yours trully) and minato(CMB)versus OBITO(DJH) AND ITACHI(STREAK619)Battle Rules/Conditions:Morals off, but o erwise ICVictory by Dea, K. Apr 06,  · okay i know ey said it somewhere in e manga at you need bo e senju aswell as e uchiha DNA to gain e rinnegan, however is question has been irritating me for quite a long time in one of e previous manga chapters, ey said at stronger eye powers are awakened as a result of pain, hatred, suffering etc etc its a result of some kind of psychological trauma now e . Lyrics It's not fair, I found love It made me say at, get back You'll never see daylight If I'm not strong, it just might It's not fair, I found love It. at being said, Nagato vs Obito straight up, I ink Obito wins, as Nagato's vision is far better when his eyes are spread out covering more areas an his singular body could. He can't cover his blind spots like wi e 6 pa s form, and a simple Kamui behind him would probably end e fight. 02,  · Some ing just keeps bo er because I'm very confused. 1.) How did Nagato and Madara get e Rinnegan? 2.) Is e Rinnegan more powerful an e Sharigan and e Mangekyo Sharingan? I know e Deva Pa has e power to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces wi objects and people, but I never knew at it can do at to any ing at are far far away compared to meteors from outer . 07, 2007 · What do you ink will be e outcome of e Jiraiya vs. Pain situation? Most of e opinions out ere are ei er at Jiraiya dies or Tsnuade will rescue him. Anyone else ink it's likely at Jiraiya will be captured and a rescue team will go after him? Or at Jiraiya will win against Pain but Tobi shows up? Just wanna know what you all ink - I have no idea where is ones going. 31,  · Its Naruto.In episode 133 of Naruto:Shippuden, some ing BIG happens(*SPOILER*) and ats when we figure it out. At e conclusion of e invasion of Pain,as e Great Toad Sage watched on, Nagato realised at bo he and Jiraiya had been wrong and at e Child of e Prophecy did not refer to a single individual, but to bo Nagato and Naruto who were trying to save e world. 24,  · Nagato vs Coyote Starrk - is would be an interesting battle. Starrk has a definite advantage when it comes to mobility and speed, especially when you consider Nagato's physical limitations. Starrk's physical streng and durability would also come into play, allowing him to endure much of what Nagato has available to him. 08, 2007 · Okay I heard a couple of rumors so can you tell me if ey are true?. Okay I have heard rumors Pein might be Naruto's older bro er. 2.Ano er rumor I heard at Pein is naruto from e future and uses is time travel jutus, turns evil, and assembles e Akatski to take all e tailed demons 3. e 4 hokage is Naruto. ey say e 4 sealed e nine tailed fox in himself making him turn. 19,  · Obito donated his left eye tom Kakashi when he was sure at he was about to die. But he was saved by Madara Uchiha. erefore he survived but wi e left eye missing. After Nagato's dea he tracked down his body and removed e rinnegan eyes from em. en he implanted a rinnegan in his left eye which was missing. 03,  · 1.Sage of Six pa s - He created ninjutsu. 2.Minato - He won madara in a 1 on 1 fight. 3.Madara - He is e final boss. 4.Itachi - Madara was y of him, nobody really defeated him, he was e only ninja out of over 00 elites at broke free from e control of Orochi u's Revival Jutsu. VS. Rules: Pre-Dea Minato (no Edo or 9 Tails) - Rennigan Obito (no Pa s or Gedo) - Obito does not start ked - Fight to e dea - Fight takes place in e Leaf village - Canon knowledge. 30,  · Characters such as Itachi, Nagato, and Obito, whose backstories are so deep and eir beliefs and pa s ey choose in life are so unique, especially wi e ideologies Obito and Nagato develop, is ere anyone in any o er anime who is as well developed as ese characters, or as complex as Itachi? How well does e character development and philosophical lessons and approaches e. Feb 28,  · Well is is what we no what could be a possibility for tobi being obito.. obito gave up his left eye to kakashi because he lost his. 2. tobi was only showing his right eye during e first time he was introduced. 3. in e recent manga madara was introduced in e by kabuto and tobi was still around. 4. it cant be inzuna because he gave up bo eyes to madara 5. kakashi uses. 04,  · Yahoo y sus Productos ¿Madara le dio el Rinnegan a nagato? D: me han dicho que madara le dio el rinnegan a nagato lo cual me saca de onda aun que recuerdo que algo así le dijo a konan antes de matarla de hecho en el manga se cuenta esa historia porque se quiere saber que paso con obito y una de las cosas que vivio fue conocer a madara. Feb 06, 2008 · PUT EM IN ORDER FROM WEAKEST TO STRONGEST: my opinion list of strongest members 1.madara(could possibly be tobi, i hope he is obito) 2.itachi 3.pein 4.konan 5.kakuzu 6.hidan 7.zetsu (never seen him fig) 8.deidra 9.sasori (for losing to sakura, i wouldve kicked her butt wi ousands of puppets). 12,  · Team 1) Obito vs. Itachi, Sasori, Konan, and kakuzu Team 2) Nagato vs Kisame, Orochi u, Deidara, and Hidan. Team 1 wins because: Sasori activates his 297 puppet jutsu to leave no opening for Obito Konan uses her paper ocean technique to leave no opening for Obito Kakuzu and Itachi wait for about 4 minutes and 55 seconds. 27,  · So, Obito has been kind of a big character in e magma lately as all of you know, but I am a bit confused about his streng. When we did not know e identity of Tobi, Tobi seemed to me as a bit of a mysterious badass, teleporting to and fro and not letting anyone stand in his way. he was. Feb 07,  · 3. Uchiha Madara (e real one not Obito) is probably ird on e list. He was defeated by e 1st in his time, but e fight was to have said to been evenly matched. After being revived by e Edo Tensai, it looks like Madara gained e ability to use e First Hokage's Mokuton jutsu, making him even more powerful. 23, 2009 · hate to say it, but he does die. I didn't say it was anytime soon, but he does die. Before you all go apeshit, ink about is: e manga would be quite boring if he didn't die. And about Sasuke being Naruto's drive to be a better person, like e Kakashi/Obito bond, it proves my point exactly. Obito died, at doesn't mean Kakashi isn't great. Apr 28,  · Naruto (modo senin) vs Nagato (edo tensei) Hinata vs Sakura (****) Te i vs Ino Naruto (modo Kyuubi completo) vs Sasuke (Susanoo, Amaterasu) Chouji vs Ten Ten Nagato vs Sasuke Kakashi vs Obito Minato vs Hashirama Madara (edo tensei) vs Obito Juubi vs los 9 Bijuus Gaara vs Tsuchikage Tsunade vs Raykage Mizukage vs Kakuzu Madara vs Los 5 Kages y Hashirama Shika u vs Deidara Gaara vs . 19,  · el equipo que gane mas combates gana 1.goku vs naruto. goku sin ssj4 2.vegeta vs sasuke 3.gohan definitivo vs kakashi 4.trunks del futuro vs sai 5.18 vs sakura 6.kid boo vs madara uchiha (humano) 7.videl vs hinata 8.piccoro vs itachi (humano) 9.broly vs obito . emba vs nagato (humano, sin los pains) Nota: en un planeta neutro indestructible si hay empate, una pelea final entre . 04,  · Tobi is Obito Uchiha. Madara Uchiha had rescued Obito by skill of infusing 0.5 of his crushed physique wi a White Zetsu, like interior e conflict of Danzou vs Tobi/Obito/Madara, Obito have been given his arm hit and white liquid (White Zetsu's DNA formula) drips out from his sleeve.

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