fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download

fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download

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Examples What colour is the boy's T-shirt? How many sofas are there? Count and then make sentences. Use There is or There are. The long clothes sentence. Look, read and write numbers. Then, draw and colour the clothes. The monster It's got It's got It hasn't got a mouth, but it's got Today it's wearing baseball caps and boots and a big T-shirt. Read and colour the monster. C Choose words and write about the monster! Say 'Hello' to Bounce!

It drinks and is its favourite food! D Which monster am I? Look at our pictures. Write the correct number. E Look at the monsters. Write colours. Monster body hair eyes nose arms feet 1 blue black red blue 0 red 2 3 4 F Write names for monsters under the pictures in the Picture Hall.

G Listen and complete the sentences about monster 5. My name's I love reading Colour the wall. Read about Sam. Which picture is Sam's family? My name's Sam. My grandpa an grandma live in the small blue house next to us.

We all love animals. We've got a donkey. Its name is Mango. Our dog's name is Chocolate and he plays and sleeps in our garden. My grandparents have got a cat and three fish. The cat's name is Lucy but I don't know the names of their fish! Complete the sentences about Sam's family's pets. D Answer the questions. E Draw circles round words about your family and home and write names.

This is me! Who's that? Examples These are eyes. D 4 This is a cake. D 2 These are socks. D 3 This is a name. D 6 This is a tablet. Whose paints are they? C D Listen. What have the five friends got? Draw lines. Bill has got five things in this cupboard. His favourite colour is red. Bill likes taking.

Jill has got four things. She likes music, doing sport and going to the beach. What have you got? Find the words and write them on the lines under the picture. Examples Two girls have got a duck. The men have got a ball. Questions 1 A boy has got a kite. A baby has got a horse. C - Ask and answer questions about people. Examples How many kids are there? What is the boy watching? Nine lives. Five funny monsters! B0 4 What can Egg's baby brother do? C Read about me and my classmates. Write our names.

Kim has got a really big garden. He can play badminton with his dad there. Lucy can ride a horse. She's really good at riding horses. I love Anna's paintings. They're so cool! She draws fantastic pictures! Nick likes riding his bike.

He can ride his bike to school. Dan has got a new camera. He can take really good photos. My name's May. I can play the guitar very well. Can you see my guitar? Bill's good at singing. He writes funny songs and sings them in class!

Grace loves fishing. She's got a boat and catches lots of fish in the sea. Alice has got a new tennis racket. She plays tennis with her sister.

Mr Page is our teacher. He's really good at swimming. We can have a swimming lesson now! Stand up. Sit down again. A Look and answer the questions. B Write the word under the picture. A big boy is drawing a red snake. The big ball is in the dog's mouth. E Read, write and draw lines. She's wearing a blue dress.

She's happy today. She's wearing Hugo's wearing Opposites bingo. How many? What colour? It's long and yellow. Monkeys like it.

It's a There's lots of milk in it. You can make a great drink from it. You can make fruit juice from it. It's an Some people put it on pizzas. C Spell and say tomatoes and potatoes! Tick V five boxes. E Talk about the picture. It includes Interactive Whiteboard software, complete course content, teacher resources, audio content and access to the Cambridge Learning Management System CLMS , all on one easy-to-use platform.

Fun for Presentation Plus provides the complete content of the Student's Book, Teacher's Book and Class Audio, pop-up answers for visual activities, photocopiable and pairwork activities, word list, progress tests, a full Cambridge English: Movers practice test, plus access to online activities via the Cambridge Learning Management System CLMS. Cambridge University Press - , Fourth edition of the full-colour Cambridge English: Young Learners YLE preparation activities for all three levels of the test Starters, Movers, Flyers updated to reflect the new revised specifications which will be out in January Fun activities balanced with exam-style questions practise all the areas of the syllabus in a communicative way and support young learners in the areas they find most difficult.

Ship or Sheep? Authors Anne Robinson and Karen Saxby. Level A1-A2 Beginner to Elementary. The Home Fun Booklet means students can continue their learning at home, and gives parents the opportunity to offer support. Flexible to use alongside a general English course and where not all students are taking Young Learners.

Fun activities balanced with exam-style questions practise all the areas of the syllabus in fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download communicative way. The material is specifically designed to focus on those areas most likely fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download cause problems for young learners at these levels. Eeition unit forms the basis for a lesson of 75 to 90 minutes. A Home Fun Booklet download rise of the tomb raider free students to practice vocabulary at home and helps parents support learning. Happy shopping! Fkr to Cart. Key features Each unit includes brightly coloured, attractive material which is motivating, fun and easy-to-use. Additional opportunities to practise speaking develop students confidence in an area which young learners find difficult. Customer Reviews Based on 1 review Write a review. fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download View, download: Fun for Movers. Student's Book. Teacher's Book. On-line resources. Progress Tests. Robinson A, Saxby K. (, 4th ed.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). Movers Lesson Plan Examples; Movers Flashcards; Teachers Handbook. Please Note: This is an electronic (PDF) product & mp3 files only. Cambridge Fun for Starters Movers Flyers Download for free FULL set All Editions Students teachers This fourth edition updated for the revised exams, provides bright, full-colour and can you give me the password for pdf file? please. Fun for starters student s book 4th ed Book Anne Robinson Fourth edition Karen Saxby The authors and publishers would Sing me a sad song, please! Book with downloadable audio ISBN Class Audio CDs ISBN Flyers (YLE Flyers) Cambridge English: A1 Movers (YLE Movers):t • Starters (4th Edition - Exam) Student's Book with Audio Download & Online Activities Fourth edition of the full-colour Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) Free Cambridge English: Movers (YLE Movers) test preparation including Structure Practice by marta lecue garcia - issuu English Grammar Book Pdf. Resources specific to Fun for, such as the downloadable classroom audio, are available here in the Resources area. Authors Anne Robinson and Karen Saxby. This fourth edition updated for the revised exams, provides bright, размером ,87 МБ; содержит документы форматов audio pdf Downloadable Audio and full range of new digital components allow even more. Listening material to accompany the Student's Book is available online for download or as a separate Audio CD. Grammar and vocabulary activities get students. Karen Saxby is author of Storyfun 2nd edition and co-author of Fun for Starters, Movers, and Flyers 4th Edition. Movers Writing Skills Booklet. Download the PDF. fun for movers 4th edition vk. Sorry 14 the home address apartment bathroom bedroom dining room flat ground floor house kitchen lift living room room shapes circle pentagon rectangle square triangle adjectives dark light adverbs downstairs upstairs downstairs upstairs prepositions prepositions near above below in front of inside on outside expressions Come on! It takes me They made a fire on the sand and Sophia: Of course he did! Then Mum finished speaking to Aunt Sarah and called Daisy's name, too. How is picture 2 different? Holly fell over in the snow Alice played a CD of wild birds singing and the warm light from the sun came through the open office window. Choose words from the phone. What kind of competition is Anna getting ready for? C Dan's interested in really unusual creatures that live deep in the ocean. fun for movers 4th edition pdf free download