forfait free mobile a la reunion

forfait free mobile a la reunion

Top-ups are available in many stores or online. To activate you need to dial It works in phones too. You can send and receive SMS, but only receive calls.

Starter pack is for 25 EUR including 1. International calls are a bit troublesome, I call US and Sweden a lot and ever 4th or 5th call I have to re-call due to echo or other problems, but once I get it to work, it works fine.

I ordered it mainly because of their low price, international calls and data service but I am thinking about canceling it and pay a few euro more and use a service that give a better quality than them. Maybe in a few months they will have a better service, but right now, I am really not impresses.

I keep getting you are not subscribed to a cellular data network!! I used to have this problem with sfr sometimes and only had to put in a code. Take a look in the FAQ's and see if the solution to your particular query is listed there. Two weeks now and still waiting for the sim.. It says on the site it has not even been sent out yet!!

I received my sim yesterday after approx 3 weeks, seems to be working ok! Currently awaiting to see what and how SFR are going to reimburse me concerning the existing 17 days of my contract with them plus the call credit accumulated not to mention the famous benefits pertaining to their so called fidelity system. Stuart06, If you cancel it yourself don't you risk losing your number?? I received my sim this week, it works In 3 months or so I will cancel orange and stay with free.. Here's a brief summary of my experience.

That was a close call!! For a few hours I could make calls from both but only receive calls on the bouyg line, then it changed I could make calls Bouyg line an call and receive in the free line. Now the 2 problems I'm having is that my phone says I'm roaming, and it won't let me sign into my google accounts. Although not being able to sign in to my google accounts has happened before. Called Free to report the problem and he said make a few calls and see if you get charged and we have it on record that you have reported the problem so if you see charges call us back.

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve either of these problems?? Thanks PS. I am glad to be FREE!!! A note for anybody using a xxx free.

I have noticed recently an increase in incoming emails from "freemobile free-mobile. Hi there - thinking of signing up and read what I think is all the small print - there isn't hidden anywhere is there that I've not noticed that old French favorite "frais de dossier" that you get hit with if you want to later terminate the service????

Good question ThinkLucky! I think Free's thinking is, your gonna love it so you are gonna stay, and if you wanna go, that's ok cause we have tons of happy clients from the other providers. As for my problems, turns out I missed the info on the back of sim card letter. Configured the internet access and mms but I am still going between roaming and free so I checked and I am not getting billed so I am OK.

Seems to work OK in my living room and not at all in my bedroom. Makes you think my apt is huge, but it isn't!! I am sure they will work it out soon. As long as I am not getting charged I am fine!! I have just picked up in this thread. I have asked for the unblock code for my iphone but as yet received nothing. My question is how can I get this unblocked privately? I have no desire to enter into a protracted dialogue with SFR. It seems that free is generally accepted as a fair deal and am about to check it out.

I would walk into the SFR shop and ask. They have to do this and should do it right there. I think it use to be 6 months, but now it is 3 months. I also do not know if it is phone ownership or contract length. Otherwise, ask ChrisL , he knows a place behind NiceEtoile.

Another question to Forum here - my wife has SFR several years standing and wishes to switch to free - we seem to get a very unclear picture from SFR about what the proceedure is to cancel their contract and switch the same number to free - if anyone has successfully done this I'd very much appreciate a step by step guide, and timings of their experience, particularly to avoid loss of mobile and endless marketing calls once you have decided to resiliate.

Thx in advance. First call This will give you your so-called RIO number. Don't bother writing it down, just hang up and it will be sent to you by sms. Now, when signing up for your new contract you'll be asked if you want to keep your current number. Say yes and put in the RIO you received earlier. That's it. We had 2 lines with sfr that had a base cost of 65 euros and with additional time come to between 80 to euros every month. We have moved both to free and the quality of calls is as good as SFR.

We pay 40 euros a month line rental and we will have almost zero extra charge as we can call as much as we want. The extra is the data package which means we now access facebook and email via our phones that we did not do with sfr. How does it work? Free Productivity APP. Flag as inappropriate. This system will not work in countries without GSM technology networks Call your phone from the web. Together, they scale and protect modern, distributed web and mobile applications. Categories : Telecommunications companies of France Mobile phone companies of France.

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Views Read Edit View history. Since Sosh is an online-only provider, your sole way of cancelling a plan will be via your Sosh online account.

Either log onto your online account, or speak to a Sosh advisor on the chat. Good news: with a contract-free plan forfait sans engagement cancelling is easier - and free! Depending on your provider, you may be able to change or cancel your plan online, over the phone, or by recommended post. Many companies have created mobile hotspots just have a quick search on Amazon, for example, you will find many.

All these services cover more than destinations around the world. I often recommend mobile hotspots to those who are traveling in groups or with families. They can save groups a lot of money if they are visiting destinations where buying multiple SIM cards would become an expensive endeavor. I recently wrote an article analyzing the 7 Best Mobile Hotspots for Travelers like yourself, which should be an interesting read if pocket WIFI is something you are considering.

I do reviews of individual devices every now and then, so check out my mobile hotspot category to stay up to date.

Well, that does not explain anything. Although most providers allow you to use your card abroad, some actually restrict this possibility. They have been made with the traveler in mind. Not only that, some offer poor service as well for high rates.

International SIM cards are appealing to those who travel frequently or are visiting multiple destinations in one trip. Many countries in Africa require you to register before you can use a SIM card, which can be a hassle for some. Additionally, the language barrier may be off-putting to some travelers, which is why an international SIM card can be handy.

I have not signed up yet, but I will certainly move away from the network I am with as soon as I can, my bills are rehnion joke and I get a lot less than free are offering, sounds like a great offer if free actually pull it off!! Caia level 1 book free download a great offer. They have the competition shaking in their boots. Prepare to see a price war! By the way - did forfait free mobile a la reunion see that for current ADSL customers that Free are now offering 60 forfait free mobile a la reunion no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? Great for your forfait free mobile a la reunion. Let the battle commence. My boyfriend signed up with Free this morning. He was with Simyo and Free will cancel that for him. Should he want to cancel with Forfait free mobile a la reunion, he can whenever he wants without a penalty. For 20 Euros per month he gets:. Thank you for that, I just tried to contact my current provider to see what they would offer but after 10mins of waiting I was cut of Yes I agree at last monopolies trembling,there's fairly comprehensive details concerning the offer on the link below. Can you transfer existing phone number over or have to get a new sim and number? It is easier than that to get a RIO. Just call from ruenion forfait free mobile a la reunion. forfait free mobile a la reunion French overseas departments: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion Island. Offer subject to conditions. Reserved for. Player Pop inclus ou Player Free Devialet € la limite de trois Forfaits mobile Free, réservées aux abonnés titulaires d'un abonnement Forfait Freebox Pop. Clients et futurs clients SFR Réunion, retrouvez tous les forfaits et les services de téléphones mobiles et internet (ADSL, fibre optique, TV, tablette, clé 3G). Le Forfait à 9,99€/mois est accessible dès maintenant sur et dans les Free Centers de Sainte-Clotilde et Saint-Pierre. Xavier Niel. Logos of Telecom Providers in Réunion: Orange Réunion, Free Mobile, SFR Réunion, The following 4 monthly plans, called forfaits mobile, are available. Free Mobile is a French wireless service provider, part of the Iliad group. It was the fourth and territories on 13 October Including Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte, Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin. By the way - did you see that for current ADSL customers that Free are now offering 60 minutes no-frills mobile phone forfait for how much??? - Yes 0€!! En France métropolitaine, Internet en 4G/4G+ Go / illimité pour les abonnés Freebox ( Go en 3G) avec mobile 4G/4G+ pour le Forfait Free et 50 Go avec. Merci Free: ne ratez aucune info sur les forfaits mobiles illimités et sur ses box internet Freebox Révolution, Crystal, Mini 4K et Freebox V7. Application non officielle de suivi consommation Free Mobile gratuite à La Réunion! Besoin de suivre votre consommation de forfait Free Mobile? Un seul coup. Veuillez renseigner le type de voie avenue, rue, impasse, ect Tu regardes la data que peux de gens utilisent au maximum. Changer de forfait. Free Telecom free mobile. Perso, c'est le forfait que j'ai toujours attendu chez Free. MarcMame Tu as raison. Si seulement ils avaient le droit de s'implanter en Caledo Les derniers articles. Allez maintenant faut proposer un une box internet only pour ce prix! Avec ou sans mobile? Internet Mo inclus. Mika N'oublie pas de louer quelques m2 de ta concession pour que Free pose une antenne sur le Piton Les derniers articles Telecom. Je trouve l'offre tres bien. Tu as raison. forfait free mobile a la reunion