communication skills training video free download

communication skills training video free download

Protect your organization from legal, reputation, and security issues. Shows employees how certain posts can disclose confidential information, alienate customers, infringe privacy rights, and become evidence in court. Employees who fail to treat co-workers with respect need training to help them improve. Sondra Thiederman teaches skills that turn moments of diversity-tension into " gateways" for increased understanding and improved relationships.

Author Patrick Lencioni explains why teams become dysfunctional while showing teams how to improve working relationships and get the job done well. Many people don't know how to make virtual meetings effective. This video reveals 6 rules for ensuring that conference calls are productive. As a manager, recognizing a situation then quickly taking action is key to keeping your team motivated.

These 5 bite-sized programs teach and refresh skills. Subject matter expert Mark Jeffries shows why networking is important, how it's done and how to be successful making contact with the right people. Therefore, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing and also improve your cross cultural knowledge to make you more powerful and successful in your business communication. You will look at different email formats to analyze tone, formality levels, and various organizational styles.

You will be able to improve your emails of introduction, announcements, requests and emails that apologize or revise a request. In this course you will write and revise 4—5 emails, complete several comprehension quizzes and review the emails of other participants. Do you want to speak better English? This course will help you reach that goal. In this 5 week course, you will learn how to identify and make a strong personal introduction.

You will develop and demonstrate the speaking skills for group discussions: how to agree or disagree, how to clarify, restate and summarize. A good way to understand expectations is to ask members of the audience for examples of good communicators within the organization. Focus on earning respect instead of laughs. It can be tempting to communicate with others in a lighthearted way; after all, this can be a good way to make friends in a professional setting.

But remember that the most successful communicators are those who have earned respect, rather than laughs. While telling a joke or two to warm up an audience can be effective, avoid ending a presentation with a laugh.

You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Thanks again Glasstap! How Assertive Are You? Reviews I sent the quiz to the delegates prior to my session, and asked them to complete this as pre-course work and bring it to the training.

This is a really powerful tool. The instructions suggest that you do the quiz yourself as the leader of the group. I have found that to be very helpful — a bit of self disclosure first really helps to open up discussion. You do need to tell people it is for their own personal use and that the scores for individuals will not be discussed.

Having said that 9 times out of 10 people are more than willing to blurt out their scores! No-one is very surprised at their score. My areas of problems are to do with conflict and being bullied into things, then doing it resentfully. That comment does help the opening up, because at least one person will have one of these context specific problems. I have even found this immensely useful in one to one coaching — even though that is not what it was designed for originally.

The questionnaire really does allow for quite deep personal discussion very easily. Phil Hawthorn rated this item with 5 stars. Introduction to Transactional Analysis. Time: In total we estimate this exercise will take 65 minutes. Reviews Great simple introduction to Transnational Analysis, helping individuals see what their dominant ego state may be and how they communicate may influence a particular response.

I have used this for an introduction to management, communication skills and assertiveness courses. I also have two sets of three circles laminated and place them on the floor to get some movement through the ego states - gets people thinking about where they are communicating from and therefore what invitation they are giving others.

Simple yet powerful! Jo James. Reviews I love this exercise because after preparing the materials you can almost sit back, relax and watch the complete lack of negotiation skills most people have. I always emphasis at the start how important it is for each tribe to get what they need. Having done that you can guarantee lots of folded arms and shaking of heads. I always make sure that the negotiator is different for each round and that I have plenty of maps available to draw on.

Occasionally the result is agreement but I've also had many occasion where I've ended up with a beautiful island all to myself. Give it a try, as the discussions after the exercise really do help explain the art of negotiation. What a flexible session this is. I have used it in sessions for Team building, influencing, conflict management, assertive behaviour and planning.

The best result I have had with it is in a team building session. They discovered how they treat each other and the impact it has in the team whilst learning their own behaviour and bought into it how they treat other teams too. They were astounded at how easy it is to deal with other parts of the business to gain support and solve problems together instead of constantly hitting brick walls and not achieving their goals.

They did this by taking the emotion and history out of the problems and getting everyone's needs out in the open before they tried to solve anything. Karon Campbell rated this item with 5 stars. Specifically the exercise- - was aligned with the general workshop content negotiation, understanding of needs and collaboration to reach a solution Vs aggression and conflict provoking tactics. Catherine Powell I used Island of Opportunity for team negotiating on a Negotiating skills course recently.

Valerie Fawcett rated this item with 5 stars. Previous Member Island of Opportunity has provided a really useful exercise within an assertiveness course. Tracy Barlow I was in the middle of designing a 3-day sales training course when I ran out of inspiration for exercises on negotiation skills.

Many thanks for a great activity! Reviews I have to agree with a previous reviewer that this exercise is a great concept, however it falls down because it is over complex. I have had a high degree of success using Glasstap Case Studies and Exercises with a team of capable Directors and Senior Managers, however "Jess Blonde" confused them and they failed to grasp the key points, getting somewhat lost in the film world details. However, I feel that with a clearer brief and fewer parameters for success, this could work well with senior people.

I have enjoyed using products from Glasstap to date, however I'm sad to say that this one, Jess Blonde, did not work well with my group of 9 reasonably experienced negotiators today. The main issue - it's way too complex, so people spent most of the time trying to work out how on earth the film market works, and no where near enough time trying the negotiation tactics I'd been teaching them.

As a result, it also went way over time. I did it in 4 chunks instead of all in one go, and I'd estimate it tool at least 3 hrs all up. Would love to see it reworked as a more simple version. Rob Pyne rated this item with 2 stars. Job Application 2 — Understanding Job Adverts. Time: In total we estimate this exercise will take 70 minutes. Leaping to Assumptions - The Ladder of Inference. Letters Solve a Problem.

Making and Refusing Requests. Reviews This was a very useful activity to test what delegates had learned about assertive behaviour, and to also give them a technique for making and refusing requests. Overcoming Sales Blocks. Reviews I had always found it quite difficult to find an exercise which introduced outbound sales to a group of new starters; and then I came across Sales Blocks. Previous Member rated this item with 3 stars.

Pings and Dongs! Pitfalls and Trampolines - Call Centres and Telesales. Pitfalls and Trampolines - Customer Service. Reviews I played this game for the first time yesterday at the end of a customer services skills course and it went really well. I was surprised how competitive they all got - insisting on playing right through to final place when I would happily have let them end when we had a winner.

It was a really good way to re-cap what we had done. The game is also favourably mentioned in the majority of the feedback forms as a highlight which is great.

Harriet Ray rated this item with 5 stars. A quick search of Glasstap and I found the Pitfalls and Trampolines exercise! Easy to follow instructions, great game flow, fantastic concept and easy to use cards and pertinent real life scenarios made this activity a hit with the team and was an excellent way to review and apply the learned content!

Thanks team — looking forward to the next gem! Jaymelee White rated this item with 5 stars. Some cards prompted lively group discussions, whilst others prompted some role play from some of the more enthusiastic participants! A really great activity that I will definitely use again and again in various ways depending on their level and group size. Once again, five stars Glasstap! Jennifer Lindsay rated this item with 5 stars.

Fun and appropriate for all levels of experience in customer service. Karen Malbon We use this as part of our induction. Jackie Green rated this item with 2 stars. Pitfalls and Trampolines - Presentation Skills. Reviews Although I didn't use this activity as a board game it is an extremely useful module. I have used this for my training team with great effect.

I tweaked the rules, as my team are new to training. I used it as a training session rather than a review of knowledge. With each card turned over, I gave them some suggestions; they then had to come up with their own ideas. They then broke out into groups and had to work out a way that they could actually use this in their own sessions. We have had several sessions on this game, as it takes a lot longer to complete the way we are doing it.

They want to use it over and over again as each time they use it they get new answers. Feedback from the team is that it is a great way to learn, practical, fun, informative and an excellent way to work as a team. Previous Member I have successfully used Pitfalls and Trampolines for a couple of years now with great results.

Project Planning Part 3 — Communication Plan. Questions and Selling Points. I printed off a schedule of a property they were currently marketing and they used this to identify features. The other team came up with lots of questions they would normally ask. The real learning came when we switched teams and they were able to think of more relevant questions knowing what the features of the property were.

This prompted a great discussion on benefits and the importance of getting to know your customer. A really good activity for a first sales training session or a refresher course as was in this case.

Questions to Probe, Explore and Challenge. Reviews I used this module at the end of dealing with conflict workshop. In todays times, it is extremely important to be skilled in the art of efficient communication. With our video lectures, you will be able to hone your English speaking skills and improve the way you speak. Regardless of which field you work in, you will need the best communication skills to excel in your career. According to a recent study , 80 percent of the U.

Eighty percent! Download your free presentation grading rubric. Get Membership. You'll also get me free e-book,. Energy Vampire Slaying It may be a subconscious mental rating or, after a few encounters, a deliberate one. Improve conflict-resolution skills in the workplace with this collection of entertaining and educational vignettes. This video demonstrates how to handle disagreements and improve communication at work. Government Specific - One bad attitude can infect your entire department or agency.

With this program, viewers learn to identify the seven most common attitude virus carriers and how to inoculate themselves and your organization against them. Promotes communication and language competence by building the desire and motivation to learn. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn the prepositions for saying where people are and use the present continuous tense for actions in progress.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to describe people positively and negatively, and use regular and irregular comparatives and superlatives. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to ask for information, recognize rhetorical questions and use closed, open and statement questions to get quality answers.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to give reasons using because and talk about past actions using irregular forms of the simple past tense. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to express positive and negative feelings, and talk about habitual actions and events using the simple present tense. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to understand and explain rules and use appropriate adverbs and quantifiers to talk about degree and frequency.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to give and receive feedback and talk about what has happened using the present perfect tense. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to recognize and express criticism and complaints and use the present perfect tense with periods of time.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to explain and clarify situations and ideas and use gerunds as the subject of the sentence. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to agree and disagree appropriately and use the first conditional to express possibilities.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn how to explain responsibilities and use the second conditional to express possibilities. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to understand and give warnings and use imperatives without sounding offensive. Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn ways to encourage others and check understanding using the correct question tags.

Through this ESL at work training course participants will learn to discuss various options and improve your conversation skills using subordinating conjunctions.

Promote open and honest communication through the sharing of information while discouraging gossip. Employees on all levels will understand how to build collaborative relationships and, should it arise, resolve conflict productively.

Diversity and different work styles can often lead to disagreements and a clash of personalities. It is very useful and helps to improve the communication skills and it can be easily understood by everyone who wants to improve their communication skills. Im learned this course are Good one buy required more points to improve communication skill examples like extr for better to understanding the subject. What a great class!!

I enjoyed every bit of it! The mechanism of Goal setting and ideas about how to have an effective conversation. This course is very good, it is also good to understand and it gives good education about business and also provides education to progress through this course.

Good learning through e learning because of corona virus we area working from home and learning good things. A nice experience durning locked down. While there are thousands of professionals with the same exact education background and level of intelligence operating in the workforce, no two people have the exact same impact at their job.

It is possible to train and hone soft skills, and professionals can take courses on leadership just as they would for computer programming. Leadership , like any other soft skill, is not a genetic trait or a birthright, but some people are born leaders.

You can see it on the playground with children at recess. For those people who are not natural leaders, the ability can be improved through training, hard work and focus. Everyone from Warren Bennis to Vince Lombardi agrees on this note: leaders are made, not born. Plus, people with strong soft skills can bolster them further through training. A few common problems business leaders encounter when implementing soft skills training include:.

Optimum workplace productivity depends on everyone at an office possessing useful soft skills and complementing each other accordingly. Think about the composition of any successful team for reference.

A speedy shortstop has talents that a hard-slugging first basemen lacks, and vice-versa.

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