business result elementary pdf free download

business result elementary pdf free download

They then map the stages. In this case, you could set the exercise for homework and then they can produce timetable or chart for the next lesson and present it Refer students to the Interactive Workbook Email and Phrasebank sections for further study and to the Exercises and Tests for revision. They can play in pairs or groups of three, If students work in groups of three, then one student can monitor for correct language during any of the role-play activities on the yellow squares.

Feedback focus Avoid any direct involvement with the game and encourage students to try correcting each other or to give feedback. Monitor conversations and make notes on any recurring mistakes. One-to-one As this isthe final activity in the book, the game is a useful test of the student's progress. You could ignore the game aspect and simply work through the task on each square with your student in order to evaluate what they need to work on next with recommendations for further study.

Country Nationality India [indian Japan — 2 italian Brazil [ 4 Polish team Chief personal human director for small online company. What about you? He's ae leader in our design department. B That's Sheila McFee. Language at work Complete this interview with the correct form of the verb be. A Welt in England BS you also in other countries?

Where 8 you from? Then use the Speaking test results form to evaluate each student's performance. You can then cut out the results and give them to the students. We 6 computer equipment and software. We 8 over five hundred people and we. B Sure. I's hotel A-RN-O. B Yes, wed 26 Can youc.

Copy this page and cut out the role card for the student. Then use the Speaking test results form to evaluate the student's performance. You can then cut out the results and give them to the student. Note: Pre-work learners can prepare a presentation about a company they are familiar with. Give your presentation to your teacher.

Speaking test results Use this form to evaluate the student. He works in b Factory Research and Development. Do you need them today? B Yes, that's right. The Blue Boat A. Isit good? B Yes, not bad. There are! So take the bus. Conversation 2: A Can Thelp you? B Yes, is there 4 ccoffee machine here? A Yes, 15 two actually. There's one in the canteen and there's another in the factory B — any in this building?

Conversation 3: A. Hello, is there 8 hoter? B No, 8 20 Internet cafe near this But take the 32 bus to the cen a bus stop at the end of this road, Business communication Complete this telephone conversation with the missing words, A. B Yes, could 22s, to the manager, please? It's Danuta Norvig, Can he call me 25b is oh seven eight eight, three five four, three seven eight two. Students should do both role-plays. Student A 1 Telephone Maston Retail and leave a message. You work for Expos Conference Centre.

Answer Student B's phone call. Take a message. Speaking test results Use these forms to evaluate the students. Answer Student A's phone call, Ms Harper isnt in the office today. Telephone Expos Conference Centre and leave a message.

You call people on this. Example: We work 8 hours always a day. They're always late for work, 12 We work on sometimes Saturdays. She takes a lunch break never, — 14 Do you often take a sick day? A does your company produce? We provide financial services. A do you work? B Never. B Because I write computer software.

What's the problem? Well, how do I buy a ticket from this machine? And also don't know how to pay with my credit card 29Putin the card here. I can carry it. You are at a conference in Germany. You want to buy a ticket for the bus to the city centre. You don't understand the ticket machine. CV copy card note 0 1 Nice to meet you. Here's my 2 That's two dollars ninety nine. Can you fillinan form, please?

Underline the correct verb in italics. Language at work Complete this conversation with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets, A. BLT apologize for you and they be fine about it. Anyway, we 4. TL doit B Thanks. Student A 1 Your manager Student B is out of the office. Your manager telephones you about the list. You are out of the office. Your colleague telephones you about the list.

We eat alot of! B: Yes, i's OK. Weld like some apple, please. Would you like a drink? Note that some answers need the question form. That's right. First Grade Preparation for school leaving exam Ukraine specific material. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Example: Logistics plans deliveries from suppliers.

Listen and write the sounds. Try to guess the department your partner describes. Example: A This department works with customers. A Correct. The revision game Work with a partner. Take turns to choose a square. On a yellow square, have a role-play with your partner, on a blue square follow the instruction, on a pink square answer the question s. If you are correct, or if you complete the role-play, you win the square. If you are not correct, the squares stays open.

For Business. Log in. It's necessary. Dalel Mokni. Print or download the Viewpoint video scripts for Students to follow in class or adapt to use in exercises. Encourage students to check useful vocabulary from each unit and keep a record of new words and their meaning. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Real-world case studies deliver authentic insights into key business issues.

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