business english vocabulary pdf free download

business english vocabulary pdf free download

We have great downloadable PDF handout versions of 20 exercises in this Business English section — they're ideal for your online teaching or as handouts in class. Please consider supporting our free site by downloading them as a bundle. Get all 20 Business English handouts. Speakspeak Business English vocabulary exercises. For only a few dollars, this business English e-book is one you will want to keep handy. Find it on Amazon. Another book by Andrew D. This easy read offers learning advice, useful tips and phrases that any businessperson will likely use on a daily basis.

This book is cheaper than a fancy cup of coffee in a lot of countries, and you will definitely find it more useful! Available for Kindle. Though most suitable for advanced students, this book is worth checking out even if you are an intermediate student. It is not designed to teach business English, but this motivational book can be a great language learning tool.

You can buy it on Amazon. Routledge offers the following language glossaries with more than words. The glossaries are two-way English and another language , making them useful not only for students studying English, but also English speakers studying Spanish, German or French. In comparison to the other books, they are more expensive, but being that Routledge is a renowned publisher, you can guarantee the quality.

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Home Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate. The chairman gave a general description of the company's plans for the coming year. Her job has been increased in importance to senior manager level. The company is sharing production costs according to projected revenue. When a project goes wrong or fails, we can say that it: a puts its foot in it b goes belly up c sticks its oar in d gets its knickers in a twist 2.

We sometimes say that people who compete for success in business or in a career are working for the: a horse race b dog race c rat race d camel race 3. The practice of transferring a difficult, incompetent or non-essential employee from one department to another is known informally as a: a weasel waltz b turkey trot c cat calypso d rabbit rumba 4.

We might refer to a bad employer with a reputation for losing talented staff as: a a people churner b a people mixer c a people stirrer d a people beater 5. The sudden moment that you realise you have made a terrible mistake is known as: a an ohnosecond b a gordonbennettminute c a whoopsadaisyinstant d a hellsbellsmoment 6. If you do a lot of different types of work in an office for very low pay, you could be referred to unkindly as: a a pig in a poke b the cat's whiskers c a a gift horse d a dogsbody 7.

If an employee gets very angry at work because of something bad or unpleasant that happens, we can say that they are experiencing: a office anger b work rage c shopfloor strops d workplace wobblies 9. If an employee is deliberately or accidentally excluded from decision-making processes, they might complain that they are being left: a out of their mind b out of the blue c out of their head d out of the loop Work that offers the same money for less effort than another similar job is often known as: a a cushy number b a doddle c a pushover d child's play When somebody is dismissed from their job, we can say that they have: a got the shoe b got the sandal c got the boot d got the slipper If you criticize somebody in writing, we can say that you them.

A general or broad view of a problem as a whole which does not go into details is known as: a a bird's-eye view b a helicopter view c a mountaintop view d a balloon view The lazy practice of working only when a supervisor is present and able to see you is called: a lip service b hand service c nose service d eye service If your job is unpleasant, you might say that you have: a a nose job b a job lot c a jobsworth d a mushroom job If you consider your job to be silly, trivial and unimportant, you might describe it as: a a Tom and Jerry job b a Mickey Mouse job c a Homer Simpson job d a Donald Duck job A lazy employee who only pretends to work is said to be: a swinging the lead b swinging a cat c swinging the balance d swinging both ways There are six words or expressions that you do not need.

Tim seems to enjoy being under a lot of pressure, but this doesn't stop him from complaining all the time. I've told Tom that unless he improves his performance at work, he'll be fired.

Tom always dresses well and follows procedure, but he doesn't actually contribute much to the company. I agree. The only way to get promoted in this job is to flatter and be very attentive to the senior managers. That's terrible!

We need to get rid of some of our older and less productive staff. Ms Rigden met a lot of people at the conference, didn't she? She certainly did. The company brought in a so-called expert to deal with a big project, but he just made a lot of fuss, achieved absolutely nothing and then left.

My boss always tells me how well I'm doing, but he never offers me a pay rise. I can't believe we sat in that meeting and listened to the boss talk for over three hours. Me neither. We need to reduce the size of the company but we need to make sure it doesn't become unprofitable or inefficient. That's true. Do you enjoy your work here? Oh, absolutely. We're expected to sign the contract by tomorrow.

That's no good. We only received it yesterday. Have you seen Alan today? He should be free at lunchtime. Is the company doing well? No, not at all. Business is dropping off and we could end up in financial trouble. I know. Do you think there will be a lot of demand for our latest range of T-shirts? Oh absolutely. Everyone will want one! As you can see, there are six main 3. The first is the 4. It carries the 5. Mine has a particularly high 7. It came with its own 8. You can also The other five parts of the computer are the In my opinion, the best thing about modern information technology is the Once you've got yourself a It's especially useful if you want to get information about something, go shopping or You can even 'talk' to other computer users in If you have a particular interest in something, you can also visit Most companies have their own Let me OK, here we go.

Oh no, another How annoying. Let me just remove it. That's better. The computer identifies the This one looks right: 'www. That's the company's I'll click on that. Here's our You can use this to find the different books that we publish, and if you want you can even buy them Now, before I Perhaps the most important thing, however, is Let me quickly check mine. First of all, I need to enter my That's it. Oh dear, nothing very interesting. Mainly a load of I'll just You have to be careful with these: sometimes they contain a If you open it, it can do all sorts of horrible things to your computer.

We had one last week that kept We do have Exercise 2: Test your knowledge with this quiz. What is a JPEG and what would you use it for? In computer terms, what is the difference between a file and a folder? What is the difference between freeware and shareware? You suspect that spyware is being used on your computer each time you use the Internet.

What does this do? What is the difference between the Internet, an intranet and an extranet? A customer using your website to buy something has just checked her shopping basket and is now proceeding to checkout. What is she about to do? What is a click-wrap agreement?

Is it: a a contract presented entirely over the Internet b an agreement between two or more companies to share a single website c an agreement between two or more companies to pass customer information to each other d a contract that is sent over the Internet and then returned in the normal post e an agreement by a company not to send unsolicited advertising to customers.

What do the letters ISP stand for? What do we call information that a website leaves in your computer so that the website recognises you when you visit it again? The company you work for sells its products on the Internet, and also in its own shops around the country. What is the name we give to this kind of operation? Is it: a a mouse and house business b a tap and trot business c a clicks and mortar business d a hit and run business e a surf and turf business Many company websites have a section or page labelled FAQ.

What do these letters stand for? What does this mean? Your company does a lot of B2B advertising on the Internet. You send an email, and then almost immediately receive a message saying that the person you are trying to contact is on holiday.

What do we call this sort of message? UCE is the official term for: a an on-line shop that only sells on the Internet b spam c a username or password d a dotcom enterprise e a domain name What is broadband? Is this the same as an ISDN line? You are uploading information on your computer.

Are you: a transferring information from the Internet or another application to your computer? Some websites especially those belonging to on-line banks ask their customers for a PIN before they can enter the site. In an IT context, what are banners, buttons and pop-ups?

You discover that there is an anti-site on the Internet dedicated to your company. Would you be happy about this? What does a computer hacker do? In an IT context, what does a firewall do? Your company has just been Amazoned. What has happened to it? Someone tells you that your company has a sticky site.

What do they mean? Someone accuses your company of phishing. What do they think you have done? A customer says you have a cobweb site that looks like an angry fruit salad.

How would you feel about this? Your company website has a lot of spider food. From a business point of view, why might this be an advantage to you? Are you buzzword compliant?

Welcome to Wy-T Computers. Have you got an appointment? Take a seat and I'll call up to her office. Would you like a coffee while you wait? Good morning. My name is Angela Ranscombe, and I am responsible for my company's productive use of its workforce 3.

I'm Hilary Hannah. I type letters, file documents, arrange meetings and so on, for the various people in my office. My name's Sue Smith. I do a lot of small jobs in and around the office. If you want some filing done, some mail posted, or if you just want a cup of tea, I'm the one to ask!

My name's Adam Dent. I help customers who are having problems with our products. I spend most of my day on the phone. I'm Anne Langsdale, and I've been appointed by the shareholders to help run the company. Hello there. Don Brown.

Nice to meet you. I make sure that the company is being run efficiently and effectively. My name's Liz Hamley, and I suppose I'm the big cheese around here. Basically I'm the most important director in charge of the company. I'm Judy Briers. I work directly for Liz Hamley, and for her alone. I perform various secretarial and administrative duties for her.

I'm Laurence Woodham. I'm a senior employee here, with director status and administrative and legal authority. This is a legal requirement for all limited companies in the UK. I'm Peter Feltham, and I preside over the company's board meetings. And I'm Helen Brown. I attend board meetings, but only to listen and give advice. I cannot usually make decisions on behalf of the company. Hi there. My name's Mark Searle, and I supervise the production process.

And I'm Bob Wheatley. I help Mark Searle. My name's Ryan Briggs. I'm responsible for developing our employees' potential through courses and other staff development programmes.

I'm Edward Saville. I control the company finances. Can't stop to talk: I need to get these tax forms completed. I'm Don Prescott. I've been hired by the company's head office to check Mr Saville's figures. We're not sure that everything adds up. My name's Mary Myers. I actually work in the company's other office in Birmingham, and am responsible for the company's operations there.

I'm Sarah Keats. I'm responsible for planning and controlling our marketing activities and budgets. I'm Richard Giddings. It's my job to make sure consumers know all about our latest range of products. I'm Bill Kennedy. I visit clients around the country and talk to them directly about our products. Barry Ramp. I'm highly skilled, I'm told, so I've been put in charge of all the workers on the factory floor.

Andy Kelly. I'm just an ordinary worker on the factory floor, but I represent the workers in discussions with the managers about things like wages and conditions of employment.

My name's Jennie Bryant. I don't actually work for the company, but there's currently a dispute going on between the workers and the management regarding pay, so I've been brought in to try to sort things out.

I'm Joy Bell. I don't work for the company either, but I might be officially appointed to sort out the dispute mentioned above, and make a binding decision.

This will only happen if Jennie Bryant is unable to resolve it. I'm Tabitha Sutcliffe. I finished university last month, and I'm here to learn a bit about the company and how it operates. I'm hoping that they'll offer me a job. I'm Sam Michaud. Has your hard-drive crashed? Is your printer jammed? Can't get on line? Don't worry, I'll get it sorted out. I'm Naomi Yarnton.

I'm in charge of the team who contact potential clients on the phone.

There is an e-book for any learner at any skill level, no matter what topic you want to learn about. E-books have got you covered! The e-books on our list work for independent business english vocabulary pdf free download on the go or at home. E-books are great because you can download them from anywhere. On a business trip and suddenly have some free time? Bored at home and want to pick up a few phrases? Business english vocabulary pdf free download an e-book and start learning! Having flexibility increases your likelihood of actually making time to study on a regular basis. E-books are a lot easier to publish than paper books. This enables individuals and companies to publish large numbers of e-books without a big 3ds max plugins free full download getting involved. To help you choose your business English e-book, business english vocabulary pdf free download these points:. Recognize your level. Business english vocabulary pdf free download you have just started to learn business English, then pick a book that is suitable for beginners. If you business english vocabulary pdf free download nearly fluent in English and just need some practice, go for advanced books. Think about cost. Since there are a lot of cheap and even free e-books available, you might want to avoid the higher priced selection. Decide on a topic. E-books are often topic-focused. You will find books designed specifically to help you improve your writing, comprehension and even business slang and idioms. Choose a book that offers what you want to learn. Choose a format. E-books are fantastic additions to any learning program. business english vocabulary pdf free download As of today we have 83,, eBooks for you to download for free. Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English English for Business Studies Student's book: A Course for Business Studies and Economics Students English Vocabulary for High School: With Over 1, Words from Youth and Business. 쐌 Use a good general-English dictionary and a good business-English dictionary 쐌 The exercises in this book either focus on general business vocabulary (for crashing delete desktop domain (name) download DTP (​desktop publishing). E-books are great because you can download them from anywhere. If you have just started to learn business English, then pick a book that is suitable for beginners. writing, increasing your vocabulary and even conducting negotiations. English Dictionary Pdf, English Books Pdf, English Grammar Book Pdf, Check your english vocabulary for business and administration all you need to improve English to Urdu Conversation PDF, English Sentences in Urdu, Download. In writing this book, extensive use has been made of business-related It is 'real' English so we can ensure that examples in our books are natural and realistic. faster and easier to use the Internet and to download files with text. Business English vocabulary can be taught in many different ways. Personally 8 essential Business English vocabulary exercises and worksheets (PDF). Learn Business English with over Business English lessons on everything from and English for interviews to business writing, grammar and vocabulary. effectively in English, and that means knowing a lot of specialist terms and expressions. Business Words is a vocabulary development book that will help you. A list of common 'email' words + examples. is a free site. Support us by downloading this e-book for just $* – thanks! business english vocabulary exercises pdf. Search for: Search. It provides an approach to targeting frequently misused slang or confusing words in an everyday business setting. File loading please wait All the words lists on this page are free to download in PDF so you will always have at hand a simple and concise reference tool to find the right word in all circumstances. Close Submit. Whenever possible, one-word definitions are used. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn Business English with over Business English lessons on everything from English for meetings, presentations, negotiations and interviews to business writing, grammar and vocabulary. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Book 2. Each lesson contains hundreds of English words that you can memorize easily, classified and indexed into different themes of daily life to cover all the most used and most common vocabulary in English : family, geography, sport, professions, media, travel and everyday topics…. Designed for school or personal use, these English words lists allows you to enrich your vocabulary in a targeted and effective way. Elementary 5, 2, 4MB Read more. This site uses cookies to help improve our services. The words in each book of this series together with the extra focus on words presented within the appendices incorporated in the very first three books of the series are the almost all useful words within English. business english vocabulary pdf free download