22 immutable laws of marketing pdf free download

22 immutable laws of marketing pdf free download

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In marketing, it is better to admit mistakes on time instead of letting the situation continue indefinitely. An interesting example: once the mouthwash Listerine was attacked by the competitor called Scope.

That has caused consumers to consume more Listerine, and the company has won. The actual situation with any marketing plan is often the opposite of what is reported in the press. When sales are weak, companies give interviews and say they are OK. When they are strong, companies are silent. Do not believe in articles generated by press services and pay attention to the small hidden details of what is happening in the market.

Some of the greatest hits in history, such as PC and fax, had very slow sales in the beginning and attracted little press coverage, and some of the more exaggerated concepts, such as the videophone and the Segway, failed. Successful marketing plans follow trends, do not follow fads.

Fads are short-term occurrences and trends are long-term changes. When a company accelerates too much and starts working with fads, it fails. Even the best professional in the world will not get very far if they do not have the resources to reach out to the client.

You need to invest money to get there and even more, money to fix yourself in the minds of consumers. The authors of the book, Al Ries, and Jack Trout are two professional marketing strategists, considered to be among the best and most known at the international level.

They worked together and have written, together but also separately, few other useful books worth reading regarding marketing, positioning, branding. GetNugget plays its part by introducing the readers to this magnificent masterpiece. Our book summary will help you see the big picture of this book. The classic act as a specific guide suitable not only for the renowned companies who want to expand on a global scale but also for startups. There are marketers and managers who think that marketing is about products.

Actually, marketing is about ideas and perceptions that remain in the minds of consumers regarding a product. This quote refers to the Law of Focus, a law that applies all the time in all areas. The essence of marketing is narrowing the focus. You have to find simple words that describe your company, your product, your business generally and when you find those words you have to protect them, to prove they are real in order to benefit from them and when those words are no longer useful, you must change the words.

The Law of Sacrifice applies not only in business, therefore If you want to be successful today, you should give something up. Actually, The Law of Resources is more complex as there are several aspects to be considered: In order to promote an idea you have to be prepared to give away a lot for the funding, but at the same time — You have to use your idea to find the money, not the marketing help. First get the idea, 2. Not true. Not true! All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospect.

More flavors, more share. For every law, Al Ries and Jack Trout present various short case studies that can be used as models for both situations:. Like this summary? Understanding the principles that guide the consumer mind is critical to success in the modern world.

Many marketers want to be number one or emulate what the leader does, but in most cases, this is not the best way. Follow immutable laws, and you will have a winning strategy. Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands. Start learning at the speed of today's world.

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