13 reasons why pdf free download

13 reasons why pdf free download

The ending always shook me because she wasn't coming back, you had such a strong narrator for these tragedies but she wasn't going to get up and say ha! It's all a joke. She was gone, and that is one of the reasons I always came back to this book. I needed to know she was gone, that is the outcome of suicide that I didn't want to see at 17, your story is finished.

Now as an adult reading it, it's still heartbreaking and terribly tragic and I still connect so strongly to this story. I loved this book and will always love this book. I read more into it now than what I did then. Clay was the perfect perspective to put it in because I can't think good things about any of the other characters, as hard as the tv show wants you too. The thing is, suicide doesn't make sense.

That tragic act doesn't have to make sense. It's sad and scary, and we will ever understand even with 13 separate and valid reasons, it still doesn't make sense. One this book did such a good job of showing is how small things, things we think inconsequential, can be detrimental to someone else. Something as simple as not saying goodbye given the opportunity, can change how someone feels. Now does this mean we have to walk on egg shells?

No, that actually impossible. It means watch what your doing basically. If your having a bad day it isn't okay to take it out on someone else, we can control the small things so the big things won't spiral. This book will always hold a special place in my heart, and I'm sure once the shock of the show wears off it will too.

I needed to reread this book, it's good to remember what we do and who we are matters. Even when you think you don't matter and no one would care, you do matter. You matter so much! So emotionally charged! Share This Paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Kristine E. Pytash , Denise N.

Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Get books you want. Hannah tried to get help to cope with these trials from both adults and students, but no one answers her plea for help.

Just before her death, she recorded audio tapes revealing what actions by others forced to take her life. As the book title states, there are thirteen reasons why she took her life.

A guy Clay, who had liked Hannah was one of the 13 who received an audiotape.

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